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Designed for working professionals with live online delivery
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Hands-on projects under the guidance of industry experts
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Job opportunities shared by 3100+
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Career workshops, Resume building and Interview Preparation sessions
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Pursue the Industry Relevant Executive Management Course with Great Lakes Executive Learning


The word management is very familiar to all of us. Management plays a key role in building or breaking any organization. The word management is effective and influential. Management is an essential component of every organization/ industry irrespective of the domain. 


Let us start by understanding the definition of the word 'Management'. 

Management is the process of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling multiple activities of people of an organization and applying the resources to accomplish the organizational goals efficiently in an ever-changing environment.


Operating a business is challenging. Every day you will have to make new decisions to enhance your business. Even as technology is emerging constantly, companies and businesses are seeking talented managers with the knowledge and skillset of the latest technological domains such as Data Science, Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, and more to enhance their workflow and boost up their businesses. 


Benefits of Management

Let us look into the various benefits of good management.


Achieving Group Goals

One of the major job roles of a manager is analyzing the potential of the individuals in a team and distributing the work accordingly which helps in achieving group goals. Giving different directions to individuals to achieve a common goal isn't simple. Hence a manager has to identify and analyze the individual's potential and assign tasks accordingly. 


Improve Efficiency

As planning is the most crucial and fundamental job role of a manager, efficient planning results in better organization and hence improves the efficiency of the organization. This also results in delivering the outcomes at the stipulated time.


Cost Reduction

Good management results in the optimum utilization of manpower and resources. When the plan is made perfect, efficiency increases and cost reduces. 


Designing a Dynamic Organisation

Even as we live in a world where change is constant, the manager plays a vital role in helping the people of the organization to be able to adapt to changes and maintain its competitive edge in the market. Managers help to maintain harmony among the employees of the organization. 


Helps in achieving personal objectives

A successful manager motivates and leads the individuals of his team to achieve their personal goals which contribute to achieving organizational objectives.  Managers are indeed better motivators and hence promote the type of collaborative atmosphere which any business needs to survive. 


Growth and Development of the Organisation

Good management results in providing enhanced products or services to its customers and achieving profits for any organization. This results in the development of an organization that paves a way to create employment opportunities. 

Master of Business Administration or MBA is one of the most in-demand courses in India and abroad. Many fresh graduates desire to fit into the roles of Management and hence end up choosing MBA programs. However, the curriculum does not specify industry relevant concepts and skillset. The Executive PG Program in Management is a prestigious program designed by Great Learning to unbundle the regular MBA program into an advanced competency to master industry-relevant managerial skillset.


Let us learn about the curriculum of the executive MBA program offered by Great Lakes.


Management Foundations Part 1

The first module of this program comprises the essential foundational skills required for a successful manager.

Below are the various concepts you would learn in this module.


Effective Communication

Effective communication is one of the most essential skill sets of a manager.  In the world of business communication is everything. From ensuring that everyone is on the same page to motivating the employees towards enhanced productivity, effective communication plays a major role.

Effective communication helps in problem-solving. Communicating and collaborating to address changes and resolve differences to explore better solutions. 

Effective communication makes the people in the group understand what they are supposed to do which in turn increases productivity. Even as the businesses of the 21st century are more globalized, it is crucial for any manager to have effective communication skills to work with diverse employees from different parts of the world. Effective communication helps in developing harmony in a multicultural, multinational workforce to communicate and achieve the organizational goals and objectives. 


Micro Economics

Microeconomics is an important concept of management. Economics is the social science that analyses the most efficient way to use our resources. Economics is divided into two major parts, microeconomics, and macro economics. Microeconomics is concerned with the factors and effects associated with individual decisions. Microeconomics deals with the behavior of individuals in the economy. Microeconomics is the dimension that complements macroeconomics by studying the behavior of individuals.  In this module, you will learn about the important concepts of microeconomics that help you become an efficient manager.


Marketing 1

Marketing is a term that is the term used in every business. Marketing is in fact the heart of every successful business. From billboards to online promotions, every company wants to engage with you and promote their business. Marketing is an integral skill set required by any manager. In this module, you will learn several important skills in marketing. A marketing manager controls all the communication between the company and the consumers. They manage internal teams in order to craft promotional messages and publish across multiple channels. Marketing managers work with many forms of media. 


Financial Statement Analysis

Financial Statement Analysis is another important skill set of a manager. A manager is liable for sketching estimations and budgets for the organization, it is crucial to gain knowledge on the core aspects of financial management. Financial Statement Analysis is the process of studying the organization's financial statements to make better decisions in the future. In this module, you will gain insights into financial management and learn the requisite skills. 


Statistical Methods for Decision Making

Statistics play a major role in any business. The most important decisions of any business are made by statistical analysis. Statistics is the science dealing with the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of numerical data.  Statistical analysis is applied in decision making. Statistics is applied in finance, management, the economics of any organization. Hence you will learn the crucial concepts and skill set of statistics in this module.


Business Finance 1

The activity concerned with the acquisition and conservation of the organizational funds in meeting the overall objective of an organization is Business Finance. Gaining a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of Business Finance is an integral skillset of a successful manager. 


Operations Management

Operations management is the key for any company that wants to operate smoothly, grow their business, satisfy customers, gain profits. E-commerce, global competition, customer service, quality, and productivity are the main aspects of operations management. Gaining expertise in managing all the workflow of the organization to achieve goals is the ultimate job role of a manager. Hence, this module equips you with the skills and knowledge of operational management.


Organizational Behavior and HR

Organizational Behaviour is the study of human behavior in an organizational setting. Organizational behavior can also be defined as an interface between human and organizational behavior.

Human Resource management is another integral job role of a manager. Finding the right person for the right position at the right time is human resource management. A manager is an interface between the organization and the employee. This module focuses on the various concepts of organizational behavior and human resource management. 


Management Foundations Part 2

The second module of this course also focuses on laying the foundations of the core management concepts Below are the various concepts you would master in this module.


Leadership and Negotiation

Leadership and negotiation are the two major skills a manager has to possess. Leadership is a responsibility of a manager. What does it mean to be a leader?

Leadership occurs among people involving the use of influence and helps to achieve goals. As business is all about negotiation and winning, it is crucial to learn the principles and the skills of negotiation. In this module, you will learn about several concepts and skills of Leadership and Negotiation.


Macro Economics

The economy is an integral part of any business. To understand how the business works, it is essential to have an understanding of macroeconomics. Macroeconomics focuses on the movements and trends of the business economy on the whole.  Macroeconomics examines the economic phenomena of the businesses around.  Macroeconomics is another core subject required to be a successful manager. You will learn several concepts of macroeconomics in this submodule. 


Marketing 2

In this module, you will learn about advanced marketing concepts.


Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting is different from financial accounting, income flows, and others. The term managerial accounting is meant for managers. Collection of data and sharing it with the managers that help them make better decisions, business plans, and more. Managerial accounting is employed for planning and organizing the budgets to achieve organizational goals. Hence, you will learn several concepts and master skills of managerial accounting in this module.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Entrepreneurship is achieved with an idea and the right tool to develop a business. An entrepreneur is someone who sees the need and takes on the financial risk to start a business and makes a profit out of it. Creativity leads to innovation and innovation leads to entrepreneurship. In this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship and innovation.


Business Finance 2

In this module, you will learn about advanced Business Finance concepts.


Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a global network used to deliver products and services through an engineered flow of information, physical distribution, and finance. Supply chain management is a crucial skills a manager must acquire. In this module, you will gain an in-depth understanding of supply chain management.


Strategic Management

Strategic Management is achieved by using and organizing an organization's resources to ensure that its objectives are met. Strategic management is essential for every organization. Strategies are developed to ensure that the best is made out of the business. In this module, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Strategic Management.



Once you complete the two modules, you will be offered to choose between two enthusiastic specializations.


1. Marketing Management

Marketing management refers to the process of planning, organizing, and controlling various elements of marketing to ensure the achievement of organizational objectives.

Below are the various advanced concepts and tools you would learn on choosing Marketing management:

  • Digital Marketing

In this module, you will learn about digital marketing and how it is used to enhance your business. Digital marketing is one of the most trending domains. Digital Marketing is using online media such as emails, social media, blogging, etc to display your product to your potential customers online. The goal of digital marketing is to create your brand's presence online.

  • Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior refers to the study of the buying behavior of the final consumers for their personal consumption of goods and services. Understanding consumer behavior helps deliver the products that specific customer needs and enhance the business.  In this module, you will learn about the various concepts of Consumer Behavior.

  • Product and Brand Management

In marketing brand management is the analysis and planning of how a specific brand is perceived in the market. 

The tangible element of any brand is the product itself. Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for brand management. Studying the experience that the consumer had and the relationship they had with the brand helps to provide better service. Hence you will learn about the various concepts of Product and Brand Management in this module.

  • CRM

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Among the many, managing a good customer relationship is one of the priorities of a manager. A good customer relationship management would dramatically improve your business and boost your profits. In this module, you will learn about the various concepts of CRM.

  • Services Marketing

Services are intangible economic activities offered by one party to another. Services marketing is a sub-component of marketing which could be the marketing of fast-moving goods and services or any service that your business offers its customers. In this module, you will learn about the various concepts of Services Marketing. 

  • B2B Marketing

B2B marketing stands for Business to Business Marketing. B2B marketing refers to the techniques and best practices used by companies to sell their products and services to other businesses.  In this module you will learn about the various concepts of SB2B Marketing.

Learning all the above concepts and the tools associated with them would empower you to become a Marketing Manager. 


Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics are the most in-demand technologies that are transforming every industry. Data Science and Analytics are the most preferred skills which many organizations are seeking. Hence, this module equips you with all the knowledge, tools, and skill set of data science and analytics.

Below are the list of tools and concepts you would master upon choosing Data Science and Analytics:

  • Python for DS: As python is one of the most popular programming languages used in Data Science, you will master Python in this module.
  • Business Analytics: Success businesses rely on business analytics. Business analytics is the practice of exploring organizational data and implementing statistical analysis to drive decision making. Descriptive analysis is used to understand the present state of a business. Predictive analysis is employed to analyze the trends to anticipate future analysis. The prescriptive analysis uses past performance data to handle similar future situations encountered in business.
  • Machine Learning: Machine Learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning is employed in enhancing business processes. Machine Learning enables a machine to learn from vast volumes of data. Through big data insights generated through machine learning, businesses can make better-informed decisions. Hence, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of Machine Learning in this module.
  • Data Visualization using Tableau: Data Visualisation is the process of acquiring raw data, transforming it into graphs, charts, images, and even videos that make it easy to understand and gain insights from it. Data Visualisation tools assist managers in getting things right with their team. Tableau is one of the most popular data visualization tools. In this module, you will master Tableau. 
  • Web and Social Media Analytics: Web analytics is the measurement of data, collection, analysis, and reporting of internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage with regards to the business web page metrics. You will learn what all the information gathered from the web page data and how could that be used to leverage business. Social media analytics is the practice of gathering data from social media platforms and analyzing the data using social media analytics tools to make enhanced business decisions. 
  • Introduction to DL, AI, BD, and Applications: You will also learn about Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and their applications. Learning all the above concepts and the tools associated with them would empower you to become a Data Science and Analytics Manager. 


Why should you choose the executive MBA program by Great Learning?

If you are aspiring to become an aspiring manager, there is no better choice than the executive MBA offered by Great Lakes in India. Even as there are many institutions claiming to offer the best executive MBA courses, why should you choose Great Learning's 1-year executive MBA program?

Great Learning is one of the most reputed and trusted institutes of India. Great Learning has been appreciated for the excellence and the quality of education it delivers. Great learning is associated with most of the top-notch organizations that take part in placement drives.

Below are the reasons why you should choose the Executive MBA Online course offered by Great Learning.


World-Class Faculty

You will be taught by the best faculty. The faculty pool at Great Lakes comprises leading faculty from Indian and International institutions such as Harvard Business School, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Kellogg School of Business, University of Chicago, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi, etc. The faculty of Great Learning is recognised as one among the top 10 academicians of the country by Analytics India Magazine. 



This program is not just specified to the fresh graduates but it also stands as the best choice for working professionals. This program is completely offered online and the classes are scheduled to cause minimal disruptions to your work. If you are looking for the distance MBA program for working professionals, there is no better choice than this. 



A personal mentor, who is also an industry expert in executive management, digital marketing, business analytics, data science and more will assist you throughout the course. Mentors will help the candidates to clear their doubts, resume preparation, interview workshops, and more.


Hands-on Learning

Even as you pursue the executive MBA online course, by Great Learning, you will work on several real-life business problems and projects that help you gain practical insights into the techniques of advanced management. You will also be working on a capstone project that is perfectly designed by the industry experts to employ all the techniques you have learned through the online classes and improve your skills.



At the end of this course, each student receives a Post Graduate in Executive Management certificate from Great Lakes Executive Learning. The e-portfolio, easily sharable on Social Media channels such as LinkedIn, includes all the projects that a learner has worked upon during the course. 

Take up the online executive MBA program by Great Lakes today and let your career bloom.