Why choose this program?


Study and get a work visa in the USA

  • Globally recognised hybrid mode of learning (first 6-months online, second term on-campus in the US)
  • Save up to USD 15,655 as compared to full-time US master’s program
  • Get eligible for up to 3 years STEM OPT Visa in the US

Practical Learning Exposure

  • Get practical exposure to assess and improve business strategies using technological innovation and creativity
  • Apply new-age techniques to solve real-world business problems. Become an ideal business leader who can leverage the latest data-driven tools

Learn from World-Class Faculty

  • Learn from renowned Oklahoma City University faculty
  • Get an AACSB accredited degree
  • Be eligible for a wide range of STEM career opportunities across various industries and sectors.

Who is this program for?

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    Young, early-career professionals

    Graduates looking to go abroad to master the usage of data-driven innovation with latest business methods.

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    Mid and senior-level professionals

    Looking to study abroad and gain in-demand business analytics & information management skills needed for success in the digital world.

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    Career transition

    Professionals who wish to transition to a global management career with industry-ready skills and knowledge.

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Earn Master of Business Administration (MBA) in the US from Oklahoma City University

STEM MBA Degree from Oklahoma City University

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Ranked #280 in 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges in USA.

*U.S. News and World Report

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Oklahoma City University is ranked #251-300 in US UNI (universities), 2020

*QS World University Rankings

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Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business Accredited

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Accredited by Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association.

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225+ hrs


Languages & Tools

Oklahoma City University's Master of Business Administration (MBA) program delivers a balanced blend of core management principles and cutting-edge technology tools. This MBA in Data Analytics program is offered in a flexible hybrid format. To ensure practical proficiency, students engage in hands-on projects and benefit from insightful mentorship sessions, fostering the development of skills that resonate with industry demands.


    Effective leadership & communication

    This course empowers you to develop crucial leadership and communication skills through the renowned Authentic Leadership Model and the in-depth CDR Assessment Group program. You'll focus on vital competencies such as self-awareness, communication, negotiation, collaboration, and relationship building. By working through personalized leadership assessments and exploring effective leadership behaviours, you'll gain the tools needed to communicate and negotiate effectively within organizations, enhancing your leadership capabilities for success in the professional world.

    Business strategy for creating value

    This course delves into the complexities of modern business, examining the organizational, competitive, and environmental dynamics that shape today's global economy. Students learn how businesses not only identify but also proactively pursue and defend opportunities in this ever-evolving landscape. The focus here is on the strategic art of creating value and empowering students with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate and succeed in the fast-paced world of contemporary commerce.

    Data analysis for business decisions

    This course emphasizes the critical role of data in making informed decisions and solving managerial challenges. It covers topics ranging from data identification and access to numerical and graphic data descriptions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, predictive modeling, resource allocation, forecasting, and decision analysis. Students gain hands-on experience with spreadsheet, statistical, and simulation software, equipping them with the analytical skills needed for effective business decision-making.

    On OCU Campus

    Accounting for business decision making

    This course spotlights the crucial role of accounting in shaping business decisions. It delves into how accounting information is applied not just for standard financial reporting but also for strategic managerial decision-making. By understanding the intricacies of financial data, students are equipped to make informed choices in the business realm.

    Managing at the crossroads: The global economic environment

    This course offers a deep dive into the multifaceted world of economics from a managerial viewpoint in the private sector. Students will explore the economic interactions within and between firms, industries (microeconomics), the broader economy (macroeconomics), and on a global scale (International Economics). The aim is to equip managers with a comprehensive understanding of the ever-changing global economic environment and its impacts on business strategies.

    Advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence

    Delving deep into the nexus of technology, data, and decision-making, this course propels students into the advanced realms of Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The curriculum covers key areas from Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, and Cloud Computing to Robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT). By understanding these pivotal technologies and tools, students are primed to lead in data-driven planning, management, and innovation in contemporary organizations.

    Strategic marketing decisions for creating value

    This course immerses students in the art of crafting impactful marketing strategies and making well-informed decisions. It provides a comprehensive understanding of how to effectively address complex marketing challenges. By the end of the course, students will be proficient in structuring and confidently solving intricate marketing problems, empowering them to contribute significantly to value creation within the marketing domain.

    Financial Strategy and Decision Making

    This course provides a detailed exploration of fundamental financial concepts such as the time value of money and risk-return relationships. It delves into the analysis of critical financial decisions encountered by contemporary business enterprises framed within financial theories. These decisions encompass capital budgeting, long-term financing, dividend policy, short-term financial management, and performance evaluations. By the end of the course, students will possess a deep understanding of financial strategy and the ability to make sound financial decisions within the modern business landscape.

    Ethical, societal, and legal environment of busiiness

    Delving deep into the complex world of business ethics and law, this course illuminates the contemporary challenges and considerations of the modern business world. It explores essential topics such as contracts, torts, product liability, and white-collar crime while also addressing the intricacies of consumer protection, business structures, and employment guidelines. Through this comprehensive lens, students will gain a robust understanding of both the legal and ethical obligations faced by businesses today.

    Programming and scripting languages

    This course is your gateway to mastering the fundamentals of programming and scripting languages, providing the essential skills to proficiently manipulate and analyze data. Through this course, you will gain a strong command of the tools necessary for effective data management and analysis, empowering you to excel in today's data-driven landscape.

    Data visualization and storytelling

    Dive into the art and science of data representation with this course, designed to equip learners with effective visualization techniques. Beyond mere charts and graphs, you'll master the craft of storytelling through data, ensuring that insights resonate and drive meaningful discussions. By the end of this course, students will have the tools to transform raw data into captivating narratives that inform and inspire.

    Database and SQL programming

    Delve deep into the world of databases with this comprehensive course tailored for both design and management. Beyond mere storage, you'll harness the power of SQL programming, acquiring the proficiency to fetch and shape data to your requirements. By course completion, students will be adept at crafting efficient queries and optimizing database structures for diverse needs.


Meet the Faculty

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    Dr. Jacob Dearmon

    Professor of Economics

  • faculty

    Dr. Kyle Dean

    Professor of Economics

  • faculty

    Dr. Loknath Ambati

    Assistant Professor

  • faculty

    Dr. Justin Wareham

    Assistant Professor of Management

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Experienced faculty
78% of the faculty hold the highest degree in their field.
Diverse Environment
Students from 46 states and 43 foreign countries.
Outstanding Programs
More than 70 UG majors, 20 graduate degrees
Ideal Location
104 acre park-like campus in the heart of Oklahoma City

Get the Great Learning Advantage

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    Statement of purpose review

    We provide students with sample SOP formats to guide them in crafting a compelling SOP.

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    Application assistance

    Our counselors schedule video calls with learners and assist them in filling out the application accurately.

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    TOEFL prep & guidance

    We offer TOEFL exam prep for our learners with learning material and resources to ensure you are ready to take on the exam at any time.

Program Fees

Program Fees:
28,730 USD

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Benefits of learning with us

  • Upto 3 years STEM OPT VISA in the US
  • Save upto USD 15,655
  • Globally recognised hybrid mode of learning (first 6-months online, second year on-campus in the US)
  • Quick Application with No GRE/GMAT Requirement
  • Get Alumni Status from Oklahoma City University

Application Process

Our admissions close once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch. Apply early to secure your seats.


Apply Online

Fill out a fast and easy online application form. No additional tests or prerequisites are needed.



Our team will make contact with you by phone to confirm your eligibility for the program.


Application Assessment

If selected, you will receive an offer for the upcoming cohort. Secure your seat by paying the fee.


Join the program

If selected, you will receive an acceptance letter with instructions on how to pay and join the program.

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Deadline: 17th Mar 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Details
How does the MBA program at Oklahoma City University stand out?

The MBA program at Oklahoma City University is distinguished by its collaboration with industry leaders in education and innovation, ensuring that students receive a cutting-edge education.

What are the key objectives of this Masters in Business Administration in USA program?

The program aims to empower students with the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in the modern business world, with a specific focus on the fusion of technology and business.

What is the duration of the MBA program, and what is the format of study?

The MBA program typically spans 18-24 months, with a unique hybrid format that includes 6 months of online study followed by on-campus learning in the United States.

What are the rankings and recognitions received by Oklahoma City University?

Oklahoma City University has been ranked #280 in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges in the USA by U.S. News and World Report. Additionally, it has been ranked #251-300 in US UNI (universities) in 2020 according to the QS World University Rankings.

Do I need to take the GRE/GMAT for admission to this MBA program?

No, this MBA program does not require the GRE/GMAT as part of the admission requirements.

Is this a suitable MBA program for Indian students?

Yes. This MBA in the USA for Indian students is suitable for both Indian and International students.

What are the visa options for students completing the MBA from Oklahoma University?

Students completing the MBA program from Oklahoma City University have several visa options, including:


  • F-1 Student Visa: International students can apply for an F-1 student visa to study in the United States. This visa allows them to enroll in the MBA program and study full-time.

  • STEM OPT Extension: Graduates of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs, including Data Analytics, may be eligible for a STEM OPT (Optional Practical Training) extension, allowing them to work in STEM-related fields in the U.S. for up to three years after completing their MBA.

  • I-20 and Visa Process: Great Learning assists students in securing their Financial Guarantee documents and applying for the I-20 from the university. They also provide support in scheduling Visa appointments and preparing for Visa interviews, which is essential for obtaining the F-1 student visa.


These visa options provide flexibility for international MBA students to study and work in the United States, enhancing their educational and career opportunities.

How can I obtain an MBA degree in USA?

To obtain an MBA degree in USA, You can apply to the MBA Program at Oklahoma University. Follow this process for the same:


  • Research the program and its admission requirements.

  • Prepare application documents, including transcripts and test scores.

  • Apply online through the Great Learning website.

  • Enroll, complete the program, and earn your MBA degree.

About MBA in USA
Why is it important to consider technology and data in today's business landscape?

In today's dynamic and fiercely competitive business environment, technology and data play a pivotal role in decision-making and staying ahead of the competition. They enable businesses to harness insights and make informed choices.

How does this MBA program prepare students for leadership and innovation?

By providing a strong foundation in technology and data-driven insights, this program ensures that students are well-prepared to lead and innovate in the challenging landscape of the contemporary business world.

Why should I consider studying for an MBA in USA?

The United States offers world-class education, diverse opportunities, and a dynamic business environment, making it an excellent choice for MBA studies. Pursuing an MBA degree in the USA provides you with access to top-tier educational institutions, a wide range of specializations, and the opportunity to enhance your career prospects. Nowadays many students want to pursue an MBA in USA to obtain an online mba degree in USA.

Program Curriculum and Faculty Details
What is the curriculum for this MBA in Data Analytics program?

The curriculum of this MBA in Data Analytics program includes data analytics, business strategy, ethics, marketing, and more courses. It covers both foundational and advanced topics.

Can you provide information about the faculty teaching in this program?

The program is taught by experienced faculty members with expertise in various business and data analytics fields. 90% of the faculty hold doctoral degrees. They are actively engaged in research, regularly publishing in professional journals, and many have practical industry experience, providing students with a well-rounded and up-to-date education.

What is covered in the Master of Business Administration online courses offered by the Oklahoma MBA program?

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program curriculum at Oklahoma City University is designed to provide students with a comprehensive education in business and technology. The curriculum includes the following courses:


Online Courses

  • Effective Leadership and Communication: Focuses on interpersonal and team skills, self-awareness, communication, negotiation, collaboration, and relationship building, utilizing the Authentic Leadership Model and CDR Assessment Group program.
  • Business Strategy for Creating Value: Addresses organizational, competitive, and environmental issues, helping students identify and seize opportunities in today's dynamic global economy.
  • Data Analysis for Business Decisions: Covers data identification, analysis, and decision-making using numerical and graphical descriptions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression analysis, predictive modelling, and more.


On OCU Campus


  • Accounting for Business Decision Making: Emphasizes the application of accounting information for financial reporting and managerial decision-making.
  • Managing at the Crossroads: The Global Economic Environment: Explores economic principles at various levels, from microeconomics to macroeconomics and international economics.
  • Advanced Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence: Expands knowledge of technology and data in decision-making and planning, covering Business Intelligence, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and more.
  • Strategic Marketing Decisions for Creating Value: Focuses on crafting marketing strategies and solving complex marketing problems.
  • Financial Strategy and Decision Making: Analyzes financial concepts, capital budgeting, long-term financing, dividend policy, short-term financial management, and performance evaluations.
  • Ethical, Societal, and Legal Environment of Business: Examines areas of law and ethics related to the contemporary business environment, including contracts, torts, white-collar crime, and more.
  • Programming and Scripting Languages: Teaches the fundamentals of programming and scripting languages for data manipulation and analysis.
  • Data Visualization and Storytelling: Covers effective data visualization techniques and persuasive storytelling methods.
  • Database and SQL Programming: Provides skills to design, manage databases, retrieve, and manipulate data using SQL programming.


This curriculum is designed to equip graduates with a range of business skills, from foundational principles to advanced, hands-on applications, preparing them for successful careers in business and technology.

Fee and Payment
What is the total program fee for the MBA program?

The MBA in USA for Indian students fees is USD 27,830. However, it's important to note that program fees are subject to change.

Is financial aid or scholarships available for this MBA program?

Information about financial aid, scholarships, or tuition assistance can be obtained from the Great Learning website or admissions office.

How much can I save by pursuing this MBA program?

You can save up to INR 13 lakhs when you choose this MBA program, making it an affordable MBA in USA for Indian students.

Application Process and Eligibility
What is the application process for the program? What are MBA degree requirements in USA?

The application process consists of four simple steps:


  • Apply Online: Fill out an online application form without additional tests or prerequisites.


  • Pre-screening: Our team will contact you by phone to confirm your eligibility for the program.


  • Application Assessment: If selected, you will receive an offer for the upcoming cohort. Secure your seat by paying the fee.


  • Join the Program: After acceptance, you will receive an acceptance letter with instructions on how to pay and officially join the program. It's advisable to apply early to secure your seats, as admissions close once the required number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch.

What is the eligibility for MBA in US?

International students should review the specific eligibility requirements, which may include academic qualifications and English language proficiency.

What are the eligibility requirements for Indian students to enroll in this MBA in USA?

To be eligible for the program, applicants must meet one of the following criteria:


  • Hold a 4-year bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale from a regionally accredited college or university or possess a comparable foreign degree.

  • Hold a 3-year bachelor's degree from a NAAC-recognized university with a rating of A or better, a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and a minimal number of backlogs.

  • In addition, applicants must demonstrate English proficiency through one of the following options:


  • TOEFL score of 83 or higher

  • IELTS score of 6.5 or higher with no sub-score below 6.0

  • Pearson PTE score of 53 or higher

  • Duolingo English Test score of 95 or higher

  • Completion of ELS Level 112


Notably, no GRE or GMAT scores are required for admission.

Program USP
How does Great Learning provide support for the application process?

Great Learning offers comprehensive admission support by assisting students in filling out applications accurately through video calls. They also help students secure financial guarantee documents and apply for the I-20 from the university, providing support for Visa appointments and interview preparation. Additionally, students receive English Proficiency Test preparation with relevant study materials and guidance, ensuring a smooth admission process.

What if I have any other question which needs to be covered here?

If your query is not covered here, please speak to a Program Advisor at 91- 080-69474603 or Email us at mba-ocu@mygreatlearning.com

MBA in Data Analytics for International Students


Pursue your dream with an affordable MBA in Data Analytics from Oklahoma City University. Tailored for International students, this program blends in-campus expertise with online flexibility, fitting the MBA degree requirements in the USA while easing the financial burden with competitive fees.


MBA Scope in the USA


  • Specializations: The USA offers MBAs in various fields, catering to diverse career interests.

  • Career Opportunities: Home to numerous multinational companies, the USA provides vast job prospects for MBA graduates.

  • Earning Potential: An MBA can lead to high-paying management roles and a significant salary bump.

  • Networking: The USA's business education offers excellent networking through alumni and professional events.

  • Innovation Focus: The country is known for cutting-edge business practices and technologies, enriching the MBA experience.

  • Entrepreneurship: A strong start-up culture supports MBA grads interested in establishing their own ventures.

  • Global Business Skills: An MBA in the USA exposes students to international business practices, preparing them for global careers.

  • Post-Graduation Work: Opportunities for work through OPT and potential H-1B visa sponsorships are available, especially for STEM MBAs.

  • Career Services: Universities provide robust career support, aiding in internships and employment after graduation.

  • Tech Integration: MBA programs often integrate the latest technology, aligning education with the tech-centric business environment.


Overall, the MBA in the USA offers a blend of high earning potential, diverse opportunities, and global exposure, although outcomes vary by individual effort and economic factors at the time of graduation.

Hybrid MBA in USA- Flexibility and Convenience

A hybrid MBA is a graduate program that combines online learning with on-campus sessions. This blended format offers the flexibility of online coursework with periodic on-site classes that facilitate direct interaction with faculty and peers. Hybrid MBAs are designed for working professionals who seek the rigour and networking opportunities of a traditional MBA program but require the convenience of an online format to balance their studies with personal and professional responsibilities.


Key features of a hybrid MBA include:


  • Flexibility: Allows students to complete assignments and view lectures online at their convenience.

  • Interactivity: Periodic on-campus residencies or weekends provide opportunities for team projects, networking, and face-to-face learning.

  • Accessibility: Students can access resources and connect with faculty digitally, bridging the gap between in-person and online education.

  • Immersive Learning: On-campus sessions often include workshops, simulations, and other experiential learning activities.

  • Program Structure: Typically, the program is structured in cohorts, fostering collaboration and networking among the class.


Hybrid MBAs aim to deliver the best of both worlds – the flexibility of online learning and the personal engagement of on-campus experiences.


MBA Degree in USA - A Gateway to Advanced Analytics

Experience a transformative MBA with a focus on Data Analytics at Oklahoma City University. This program merges in-depth business strategy with advanced analytics, delivered through a cost-effective hybrid model. Benefit from on-campus experience in the USA and convenient online learning. This is an MBA in USA for Indian students seeking a competitive edge and an affordable MBA in the USA, the program also offers eligibility for a 3-year STEM OPT Visa, enhancing your global career prospects.

Oklahoma City University: Excellence in Diversity and Academia

At the core of Oklahoma City University (OCU) lies a vibrant academic community where a rich diversity of cultures and ideas thrive. Ho me to students from every state and over 40 countries, OCU prides itself on a faculty composed of 78% doctorate holders, emphasizing its dedication to high-quality education. The university offers an extensive array of over 90 undergraduate and graduate programs, including in-demand MBAs and doctoral degrees. Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, OCU's campus is an urban oasis that offers students a blend of peaceful study environments and dynamic city life.


Nationally Recognized Academic Excellence- Ranking and Recognition

Oklahoma City University (OCU) proudly stands among the top-ranked institutions in the United States, showcasing its commitment to academic excellence. 

  • As per U.S. News & World Report, OCU is ranked #280 in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges in the USA, affirming its stature in higher education. 

  • Further solidifying its prestige, QS World University Rankings placed OCU within the #251-300 bands for US universities in 2020, reflecting its continuous strides in providing outstanding higher education. 

These accolades underline OCU's status as a leading destination for students seeking quality and recognition in their academic pursuits.


Meinders School of Business: Shaping Visionary Leaders

The Meinders School of Business stands out with its intimate 11:1 student-to-faculty ratio, ensuring personalized and impactful learning. Ninety per cent of our faculty hold doctoral degrees, blending scholarly insight with real-world business acumen. Our curriculum emphasizes a holistic management perspective, fostering ethical leadership, entrepreneurial thinking, and social responsibility. Graduates from Meinders are well-prepared to lead and innovate in the dynamic global business landscape.


Recognition and Accreditation 


  • Meinders School of Business Recognition:

Accredited by AACSB International, Meinders holds a prestigious spot in the top 4.5% of business schools globally, signifying its adherence to the highest standards of academic excellence and continuous improvement in management education.


  • Oklahoma City University Accreditation:

Oklahoma City University is distinguished by its accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, affirming its commitment to providing quality education that meets stringent, region-specific academic criteria.


Exploring the Oklahoma City University MBA: Hybrid Learning Over Two Years


Oklahoma City University's MBA program spans two years, merging the flexibility of online learning with the tangible benefits of on-campus study. Beginning with an online-first approach, students delve into their business administration studies remotely before transitioning to an enriched on-campus experience at Oklahoma City University for the final year. This program offers a special focus on Data Analytics, preparing students for the data-driven challenges of modern business over the course of its comprehensive two-year curriculum.


Oklahoma City University MBA Program Features


  • Eligible for Up to 3-Year Work Visa Post-Study in the US

  • Potential Savings of Up to INR 13 Lakhs

  • Education from Esteemed Faculty and Industry Leaders

  • Real-world knowledge from Seasoned Industry Professionals

  • Streamlined Application Process without GRE/GMAT Requirements

  • Earn Alumni status and privileges from Oklahoma City University


Who is this program for?


  • Young, early-career professionals looking to go abroad to master the usage of data-driven innovation with the latest business methods.


  • Mid and senior-level professionals who are looking to study abroad and gain in-demand business analytics & information management skills needed for success in the digital world.

  • Professionals who wish to transition to a global management career with industry-ready skills and knowledge.


Elevate Your Career with an OCU MBA Degree in USA

Pursue excellence and broaden your professional horizons with an MBA degree from Oklahoma City University. Our program, tailored for aspiring leaders and innovators, offers a rigorous curriculum that merges theory with practical application, setting a strong foundation for success in the competitive business landscape. Earn a degree that not only advances your knowledge but also amplifies your potential in the dynamic world of business.


Learning journey of Oklahoma City University's MBA program


  • Students begin their academic journey with a 6-month intensive online program facilitated by Oklahoma City University, designed to provide a robust foundation in business principles. 

  • Following this, they transition to the OCU campus in the United States to continue their education in a dynamic, on-site learning environment. 

  • Upon successful completion of the program, students are awarded an MBA degree from OCU. 

  • This globally recognized qualification positions graduates for rapid career advancement in the business sector.


Learning Outcomes of MBA in Data Analytics


Upon completing the program, participants will:


  • Attain an MBA from OCU, which paves the way for vast STEM-related career paths in diverse business landscapes.

  • Gain the ability to critique and enhance business approaches through innovative tech and creative strategies.

  • Utilize modern methodologies to address and resolve contemporary business challenges.

  • Emerge as forward-thinking business leaders, adept in employing cutting-edge, data-oriented instruments to drive innovation and spur company development.


Faculty at Oklahoma City University's Master of Business Administration Program

The program boasts a cadre of accomplished and esteemed faculty from Oklahoma City University, distinguished for their academic and industry expertise.


MBA in USA for Indian Students Fees and Financial Aid

The fee for the Oklahoma City University Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program is USD 27,830. For Scholarship opportunities and financial support, please contact the admissions team.


Eligibility for MBA in the US


Eligibility for MBA in USA Requirements:


  • Possession of a 4-year bachelor's degree with at least a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, awarded by a regionally accredited college or university, with a minimal number of backlogs, or;

  • Acquisition of a 3-year bachelor's degree from a NAAC accredited university with a grade of 'A' or higher, accompanied by a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, again with few backlogs.

  • Proof of English proficiency, which can be demonstrated by a TOEFL score of 83 or above, an IELTS score of at least 6.5 with no individual band below 6.0, a Pearson PTE score of 53 or higher, a Duolingo English Test score of 95 or above, or the successful completion of ELS Level 112.

  • There is no requirement for the GRE/GMAT examinations.


Salary Outlook Post-Oklahoma City University MBA

Graduating with an MBA from Oklahoma City University, particularly with a specialization in Data Analytics, positions alumni for competitive salary opportunities. The blend of advanced business acumen and specialized skills aligns with the market's growing need for data-driven decision-making, making graduates attractive candidates for lucrative positions in the dynamic business landscape.

Great Learning Admission Support


Guided Application Support

Our dedicated advisors offer personalized sessions, walking candidates through the application process via video calls to ensure accuracy and clarity.


English Proficiency Preparation

Candidates receive comprehensive preparation materials and coaching for English Proficiency Tests, tailoring guidance to individual needs.


I-20 and Visa Assistance

We facilitate the procurement of Financial Guarantee documents and aid in the I-20 application process. Our team also provides comprehensive support for Visa appointment scheduling and interview preparation.

Admission Journey for Master of Business Administration in USA 


Step 1: Online Application

Begin by completing an online application form—no extra tests or prerequisites are required for initial submission.


Step 2: Eligibility Confirmation

Our team will reach out for a phone pre-screening to verify your qualifications and fit for the program.


Step 3: Application Review

Your submission will be thoroughly reviewed by the Admissions Team, who will then respond promptly.


Step 4: Program Enrollment

Upon selection, an acceptance letter will be issued along with instructions for payment and program commencement.