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Our Learners Success Stories

Read stories of learners experience that transformed their careers.

  • I would say it's a architect's delight. I'm learning so much out of it. I come from an application support background to an architect’s role.. so not so strong in basics of architecture this course is helping me a lot. Perfect course for me!!

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    Nagaraj Ulgaraj

    Solutions Architect, ITC Infotech

  • The course has been informative so far especially the material shared as part of the course and subsequent exchange of information between the cohorts and mentors. The assessments are fair and provides value towards the learning achieved. Eagerly waiting for courses on IOT and blockchain to learn more.

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    Ramanathan Narayanan

    Director, Vancity

  • The program is well thought of and organized. The content quality, delivery methodology and practical orientation is highly appreciated with industry examples and case studies. The projects provide a platform to test and implement our learnings. Overall an excellent and recommended program.

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    Raghu Arabelly

    Architect, Oracle

  • So far the course is very interesting with a lot of topics to learn. Also, the practical session during weekend is quite useful, the mentors are having real world experience in using the technology they talk about, it's a good learning experience to get an insight from those experts. The course is demanding but also challenging.

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    CEO/Technical Director, Ramarson

  • The course is robustly designed to keep me competitive. I find myself excel professionally amongst my colleagues. The terminologies of the trade and understanding on the architecture bigger picture enabled me to ask relevant questions in my official meetings. I have started already recommending this course to all my friends and colleagues.

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    Vivek Sagar

    Test Lead, Tech Mahindra

  • I am extremely satisfied. The course is very well structured and modular which has helped me, both in refreshing my programming skills and to upskill myself with the current technologies. Weekly mentoring sessions helped me to get insights of practical knowledge from industry experts and gain hands-on experience which enhanced my learning.

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    Suganthi Durai

    Senior software specialist, IBM

  • It was really good to hear the details of the course and for the excellent examples covered by Prof. Jankiraman to gel you and feel more excited about the course. Really excited to understand the concepts under the guidance of the professor.

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    Vijit Srivastava

    Consultant, TCS

  • It was a wonderful session to kickstart. Set the context of the course and most importantly did motivate me going forward. As Prof. Janakiram said, let's enjoy the journey of learning over the coming months. Really excited!

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    Kishore Rajkumar

    Assistant Director(IT & RIMS), AERC

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Comprehensive Curriculum


Hours of Learning


Languages & Tools

The program helps learners build essential software engineering skills to work on emerging technologies of IoT, Cloud & Blockchain. Join the league of Emerging Tech specialists who are building the future in technology.

    Design & Architecture of Software Systems

    Software & Database Design


    4 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • Program Design
    • Software Design
    • Relational Databases
    • NoSQL Databases

    Design & Architecture patterns (Self-study)

    • Design Patterns: Creational, Structural, Behavioral
    • Design v/s Performance
    • Distributed System Architecture

    Distributed Systems


    4 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • Distributed System Architecture
    • Concurrency Control
    • Distributed Commit Protocols
    • Distributed Timestamping Protocols
    • Leader Election
    • Consensus Algorithms

    Internet of Things

    IoT Devices & Networking


    4 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • IoT Introduction and Architectures
    • IoT Things
    • IoT Networking protocols & Applications
    • IoT edge computing

    IoT Cloud Processing & Analytics

    • AWS IoT
    • IoT Stream processing
    • Batch processing
    • IoT Analytics
    • Connecting the Dots

    Software Engineering for the Cloud

    Cloud Managed Services and Docker Containers


    4 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • Cloud Essentials
    • AWS Managed Services
    • AWS Monitoring Services
    • Serverless Computing
    • Docker And Containers
    • AWS Elastic Container Services (ECS)

    Cloud DevOps - Infrastructure as Code


    3 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • DevOps on AWS
    • Automated CI/CD pipeline, AWS Tools
    • Infrastructure As Code (IaC)
    • AWS Cloud Formation, Terraform


    Blockchain Fundamentals & Bitcoin


    4 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • Introduction to Blockchain
    • Transactions and Blocks
    • Mining and Consensus
    • Connecting the dots
    • Smart Contracts

    Blockchain Development - Ethereum


    4 Quizzes


    1 Project

    • Blockchain development on Ethereum
    • Creating a Block
    • Adding the Hash function to the Block
    • Creating Smart Contracts

    Capstone Project

    Earn Advanced Certification from Indian Institute of Technology Madras and Great Learning

10+ Programming languages & Tools

mongoDb aws spark docker ethereum Fem Red mysql

and more..

Industry-Oriented Projects

Our learners participate in Capstone projects reviewed by industry experts to complete the program successfully.

  • 1

    Smart Cities

    Smart Home solutions

    Build Smart home solutions with an ability to control home devices using your smartphone
    Learn More
  • 2

    Smart Cities

    Smart City Traffic Management solutions

    Build a connected car ecosystem to effectively manage and streamline your city traffic
    Learn More
  • 3

    Finance & Transportation

    Sharing Economy Solutions - Bounce

    Build a sharing economy solution similar to Bounce where users can share/rent others vehicles seamlessly.
    Learn More
  • 4

    Supply chain

    Agritech - Supply chain automation

    Build a Farm to Fork Supply chain automation solution increasing transparency, reducing leakages, etc.
    Learn More
  • 5

    Smart Cities

    Smart Building Management

    Sensor based community lighting, water management, connected power and water meters, and access control. Common dashboard, alert notifications, and rule-based management.
    Learn More
  • 6


    Location Dashboard - Cab Aggregator

    Large scale location updates ingestion in cloud using serverless computing. High-level dashboard and map based live display.
    Learn More

Our Industry Mentors

Meet a few of our mentors, the guiding force of your learning journey. Our industry mentors are skilled and experienced professionals working in the top-notch companies.

  • Prashant Joshi

    Prashant Joshi

    Founder & CEO, Leap & Scale

  • Nirmallya Mukherjee

    Nirmallya Mukherjee

    Former Chief Architect, Dell

  • Abhilash Gopalakrishnan

    Abhilash Gopalakrishnan

    Ex- Principal Engineer, ABB

  • Mr. Ganesh Agarwal

    Mr. Ganesh Agarwal

    Senior Engineering Manager, Walmart

  • Avishek Bhattacharya

    Avishek Bhattacharya

    Technical Leader, Appdynamics

  • Mr. Atul Sharma

    Mr. Atul Sharma

    Lead Solution Architect, Nissan

  • Harsha Joshi

    Harsha Joshi

    Principal Engineer, McAfee

  • Divyank Shukla

    Divyank Shukla

    Senior Principal Engineer, Digital Guardian

  • Jeevanandam Kathirvel

    Jeevanandam Kathirvel

    Engineering Manager - IoT, Johnson Controls

  • Karthikeyan Subramanian

    Karthikeyan Subramanian

    Principal Software Engineer, Fidelity Investments

  • Shajee Pulukkool

    Shajee Pulukkool

    Solutions Director, Rapyder Cloud Solutions

  • Rohit Tiwari

    Rohit Tiwari

    Technology Solutions Manager, Accenture

  • Sachin Mudholkar

    Sachin Mudholkar

    Chief Technology Officer, Siesta Hospitality Services

  • Prasan Dutt

    Prasan Dutt

    Sr. Software Engineer, YASH technologies

  • Siddhartha Mukherjee

    Siddhartha Mukherjee

    Sr. Technical Architect, Mangoapps

  • Saundarya Saurabh

    Saundarya Saurabh

    Blockchain Developer, Tech Mahindra

  • Govindkrishna


    Founder Director, DeepSell

  • Raveendran TV

    Raveendran TV

    Chief Software Architect

  • Santhosh Kumar Srinivasan

    Santhosh Kumar Srinivasan

    Software Engineer/Cloud Engineer

  • kalpit


    Founder & CEO, Pulchritudinous R&D Pvt Ltd, Ex-Microsoft

  • Aakanksha Prakash

    Aakanksha Prakash

    Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer

  • Riddhesh Ganatra

    Riddhesh Ganatra

    Software Architect, CodeB

Ratings & Reviews

My Journey was awesome at every stage. I never felt like I was learning online as the team makes all our batch mates interact with each other through Slack. The online classes, support sessions, and know-your-mates sessions are scheduled in a professional manner. I have done online courses with multiple providers and Great Learning is the best platform of them all. I recommend them to all working professionals as I am sure their programs will add value to their profiles as well.

21 Feb 2023

I had joined a program on loT, Cloud and Blockchain by Great Learning. And, here are some of the best things about the program. It is well curated and helped me understand concepts in a practical way. The projects that I work on were interesting and the mentor sessions were really useful in understanding concepts. Special thanks to the Program Manager who helped me throughout my learning journey.

21 Feb 2023

I am glad to be a part of this program. It enhanced my coding skills, something that would be really beneficial for me to progress as an IT professional and learn advanced technology like Blockchain, Cloud, and IoT. Overall, it was a very interesting and valuable experience. I learnt a lot and perfected my foundations.

21 Feb 2023

This was my first ever session as a mentee and once again thank Mr.Harsh for his valuable feedback and guidance. Mr.Harsh helped me to understand the areas of improvement and provided guidance on the wholistic approach towards achieving the aspired goal. I look forward for a long term mentor-mentee relationship that helps in assessing my progress and areas of improvement.

23 Aug 2021

As usual.. He is best in his knowledge and interactions!

23 Aug 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

What software developer courses are provided by Great Learning?
What are some best software courses for freshers?

Great Learning offers many software developer certifications programs for fresh graduates. You can choose any of these programs that best suit your specifications. [View All Programs]

Which university offers software engineering courses?

Top-ranked universities like IIT Roorkee, IIIT Delhi, and IIIT Hyderabad offer world-class software engineering courses.

Which program provides software engineering training offline?

The software development job-oriented program from Great Learning Career Academy provides software engineering training offline. The program is for 4 months, equipping students with the crucial software development skills to become prime candidates for high-paying jobs across industries.

Does Great Learning provide free software development courses?

Yes, Great Learning provides free software development courses through its free online courses platform, Great Learning Academy. It is a free initiative by Great Learning that offers 1000+ free online courses with certificates in cutting-edge fields, like Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, and many more.

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