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  • Start online in India, complete on-campus in the US
  • Save up to USD 54,179 as compared to full-time US master’s program
  • Get eligible for up to 3 years STEM OPT Visa in the US

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  • Learn from Walsh & Great Lakes faculty
  • Be eligible for a career in artificial intelligence and machine learning in the US

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  • Apply new-age artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to solve business problem
  • Contribute to cutting-edge AI research and advancements in technology and science

Who is this program for?

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    Young, early-career professionals

    Looking to go abroad and start an Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning career

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    Mid and senior-level professionals

    Looking to go abroad and stay up-to-date with the skills needed for success in the digital world

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    Career transition

    Professionals who wish to transition to a high-growth Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning career with industry-ready skills and knowledge

Earn MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the US from the Walsh College

Hybrid • 2 years

Earn a Degree and PG certificate from world's leading universities

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Learning content


Languages & Tools

This Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning syllabus, developed by esteemed experts from Walsh College and Great Lakes, offers a comprehensive insight into AI and Machine Learning. The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Masters in the USA is strategically structured, starting with the basics and advancing to compound, applied methodologies, ensuring learners acquire profound understanding and practical skills in this evolving field.

    Year 1



    This module is designed to acquire a robust understanding of Python programming, particularly its application to AI and ML. Learners will be proficient in the fundamental and advanced concepts of AI and ML, capable of applying Python programming to navigate and innovate within these technological domains.


    This module explores the pivotal terms and concepts intrinsic to Exploratory Data Analysis and Machine Learning. It is structured to guide learners through the foundational elements of statistical analysis to the advanced methodologies employed in data-driven decision-making processes.

    Machine Learning


    This module is crafted to understand the essential algorithms, functionalities, and application scopes of Supervised Machine Learning. It is strategically structured to guide learners through comprehensive foundational algorithms to the advanced workings and applications in Supervised ML - Regression and Classification.


    This module is designed to help learners learn the fundamental algorithms, operational mechanics, and application scopes intrinsic to Unsupervised Machine Learning. It is structured to guide learners through the workings and applications, with a specialized focus on Clustering and Dimensionality Reduction within the Unsupervised ML.


    This module is developed to guide learners through the intricate Ensemble Techniques within Machine Learning. It is systematically structured to guide learners through the limitations of supervised standalone models and introduces them to a selection of techniques, notably Ensemble Techniques, designed to minimize complexities.


    This module is designed to impart a thorough understanding of various concepts crucial for developing functional ML models in learners, including but not limited to, model selection and tuning, evaluating model performance, and exploring different regularization methods.


    This module introduces learners to the fundamental and advanced concepts in SQL programming. It is structured to guide them through a comprehensive exploration of Database Management Systems (DBMS), Normalization, and Joins, ensuring a robust understanding and practical capability in utilizing SQL for database management and manipulation.

    Artificial Intelligence


    The primary objective of this MS in Artificial Intelligence in US module is to impart learners with a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts and advanced techniques of generative AI, renowned for its innovative and creative applications, and to provide mastery over the practical applications of prompt engineering.


    The module principally aims to enable learners to comprehend the rationale behind using Neural Networks, acquaint them with its components, and facilitate practical knowledge and skills in building and tuning Deep Neural Networks using TensorFlow and Keras.


    This module equips learners with the essential knowledge and skills to process and work with images for image classification using Neural Networks and understand the more advanced architecture of Convolutional Neural Networks.


    This module imparts learners the essential knowledge and skills to work with NLP using Python and traditional Machine Learning methods. It provides a deeper understanding of the advanced realm of Sequential Models and cutting-edge language models.


    The module helps learners thoroughly understand ChatGPT, its functionality, and its applications. It introduces them to the concept of prompt engineering and how it can be utilized to fine-tune outputs for specific use cases.


    This module provides the learners with a robust understanding of the mathematical fundamentals of generative AI. It provides a comprehensive overview of transformer models and their utilization in generative AI, particularly in natural language.

    Capstone Project

    This module ensures learners acquire theoretical knowledge and practical Python, AI, and ML skills. They will implement foundational concepts to advanced applications and real-time project work. Learners will be adeptly guided to apply the learned concepts and methodologies effectively in various practical and technological domains, ensuring proficient application of Python, AI, and ML principles and providing an MS in AI and Machine Learning course with a certificate.


    Year 2

    Introduction to Data Science

    The module primarily provides learners with a thorough understanding of Data Science and its integral domains. It emphasizes the significance of data management and extracting actionable results, which is crucial for organizational success and sustainability.


    Network Fundamentals

    This module provides learners with a foundational introduction to networks, particularly networking concepts pertinent to an enterprise environment. It guides learners through the foundational theories and practical aspects of Networking Design, Security, Implementation, and Remote Connectivity, ensuring a comprehensive and practical understanding across these domains.

    Operating Systems and Virtualization

    The module primarily equips learners with the essential knowledge and skills to implement operating systems in an enterprise setting, focusing on setting up and configuring client and server operating systems in networked environments and providing critical network services.

    Data Visualization and Predictive Modeling

    The module exposes learners to various methods and techniques of visual representation, enabling them to extract meaningful information from raw data, and utilize statistical tools and visualizations to enhance data comprehension, communication, and decision-making

    Mathematics of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    The module introduces learners to the critical mathematical concepts utilized in AI and Deep Learning, with a focused exploration of Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry, enabling them to comprehend and apply these mathematical principles effectively within AI contexts.

    Data Storage Technologies

    The module provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of the foundations of database storage technologies, encompassing various aspects such as Database Storage Architecture, Physical Data Storage, Transaction Management, Database Storage APIs, Data Warehousing, Governance, and Big Data Systems, with a particular focus on their application to Data Analytics.

    Capstone Project

    The primary objective of this module is to facilitate the integration and application of program learning through the development and implementation of a Capstone Project, and to enhance learners' knowledge and skills in AI and ML through practical application in a business setting during the Practicum course. It awards a certificate of completion for the Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the USA.

Languages and Tools covered

Python numpy Keras tensorflow matplotlib scikit Seaborn Statsmodels

Meet the Faculty

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    Javad Katibai

    Chassis System Architect - General Motors

  • faculty

    Dr. Dave Schippers

    VP and Academic Dean

  • faculty

    James Gerrity

    PhD, Adjunct Associate Professor

  • faculty

    Thomas Petz

    CIO/COO, Assistant Professor of IT

  • faculty

    Christopher Heidendr

    Program Lead at IT, Associate Professor of Business Information Technology

  • faculty

    Dr. Abhinanda Sarkar

    Faculty Director, Great Learning

  • faculty

    Mr. Gurumoorthy Pattabiraman

    Faculty, Data Science & ML, Great Learning

  • faculty

    Dr. Dan Mitchell

    Assistant Professor, McCombs School of Business

  • faculty

    Dr. Kumar Muthuraman

    Faculty Director, Centre for Research and Analytics

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    Statement of purpose review

    We provide students with sample SOP formats to guide them in crafting a compelling SOP.

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    Application assistance

    Our counselors schedule video calls with learners and assist them in filling out the application accurately.

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    Extra sessions with industry experts

    Great Learning’s program team conducts additional doubt-clearing sessions with industry experts to provide learners with practical and in-depth knowledge.

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    I-20 and Visa process

    Great Learning assists students in securing their Financial Guarantee documents and applying for their I-20 from the university. Additionally, we offer support in scheduling Visa appointments and preparing for Visa interviews.*

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Program Fees

Program Fees:
18,860 USD

We provide flexible financing options through our finance partners

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Benefits of learning with us

  • Globally recognised hybrid mode of learning (first year online, second year on-campus in the US)
  • Get Alumni Status from Walsh College and Great Lakes Executive Learning
  • Quick Application with No GRE/GMAT or TOEFL Requirement
  • Capstone Projects at the end of Year 1 and Year 2
  • Learn from Top Faculty and Leading Industry Practitioners

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  • Applicants must hold a 3 or 4-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent in any discipline with a minimum of 60% marks from a UGC-recognized university or institution. The medium of instruction must be in English.
  • No GRE/GMAT or any English proficiency test scores are required.

Note: Candidates should score a minimum of 2.75 GPA in the 1st year to be eligible for 2nd year on campus at Walsh College.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What is this Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course?

The MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course, offered in collaboration between Walsh College and Great Lakes, is a distinguished program that enables professionals to explore the complexities of artificial intelligence and machine learning systematically. Its unique structure begins with a fully online first year, providing flexibility for learners. The program offers an option to continue their education on campus at Walsh College, USA, engaging in a 12-month immersive experience. This program stands out by seamlessly integrating academic rigour with practical applications, equipping graduates with theoretical knowledge and the ability to navigate the complexities of these technologies in the industry. The online Masters in Artificial Intelligence curriculum offers a holistic perspective on the latest advancements in artificial intelligence, emphasizing hands-on projects and mentorship sessions, ensuring an enriching learning journey

What is unique about this Artificial Intelligence online course?

The Masters in Artificial Intelligence, USA, offers up to 3 years of STEM OPT Visa opportunities in the USA, potential savings of up to INR 45 Lakhs, and prestigious alumni status from Walsh College and Great Lakes. The application process requires no GRE/GMAT or TOEFL requirements. With a faculty composed of top experts and industry practitioners, learners gain practical insights through 12 hands-on projects and over 30 case studies, showcasing their skills in capstone projects at the end of years 1 and 2. This program offers a holistic educational experience that blends theory and real-world application.

Why choose Masters in AI and Machine Learning?

Choosing a Master's in AIML is a strategic decision for forward-thinking professionals. In this data-rich age, AI and ML stand at the forefront of the technological revolution, transforming industries worldwide. This MS program, offered by Walsh College in collaboration with Great Lakes, provides a unique blend of online and on-campus learning experiences. This dual approach ensures flexibility and immersive learning. The program's curriculum integrates rigorous academic content and real-world applications, empowering graduates to master both the theoretical and practical concepts of AI and ML. By enrolling, learners embark on a transformative journey, preparing them to harness the vast potential of intelligent systems and make impactful, data-driven decisions in the business realm.

What does the MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning syllabus include?

The online Masters in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence syllabus, meticulously designed by industry experts at Walsh College and Great Lakes, offers a comprehensive learning experience from fundamentals to advanced applications. It covers Python programming, applied statistics, supervised and unsupervised learning, ensemble techniques, SQL, generative AI, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing, and self-paced modules on ChatGPT. Learners also explore data science, network fundamentals, operating systems, data visualization, mathematics for AI, and data storage technologies, and culminate their studies with a capstone project or a practical practicum. This extensive curriculum ensures a thorough education, equipping learners for success in the AI and ML domains.

What projects are included in this Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program?

The MS AIML program features an array of projects designed to provide learners with practical experience and showcase their skills. These include:

  • 12 Hands-on Projects: These projects cover a wide range of AI and ML topics, allowing learners to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

  • 30+ Case Studies: In-depth analysis of various cases helps learners develop a comprehensive understanding of AI and ML applications in different contexts.

  • Capstone Projects (End of Year 1 and Year 2): These are the program's pinnacle, allowing learners to integrate their learning into a substantial project. Learners identify a professionally relevant need, develop a proposal, and work with a Capstone Project Advisor for review and approval. The completed project is presented at a Capstone Fair, showcasing the culmination of their academic journey.

  • Applied Learning: This course allows learners to gain hands-on experience in AI and ML by working with a business. It enables them to apply their knowledge in a real-world setting, enhancing their practical skills and understanding of industry demands.


These projects and experiences provide learners with a holistic education, preparing them for success in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What is the learning duration of this Masters in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence program?

This is a 2-year hybrid program. Learners complete the first 12 months online and continue Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the US at Walsh College.

What are the learning outcomes of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Masters?

Upon completion of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning online program, learners will be proficient in:

  • Reviewing and reporting on AI and ML processes, gaining a comprehensive understanding of data within broader contexts

  •  Adeptly applying contemporary AI techniques to address real-world business challenges, contributing significantly to cutting-edge AI research, technological advancements, and scientific progress.

  • Cultivating a mindset geared towards continuous learning, ensuring they stay updated in the rapidly evolving domains of AI and ML


MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning graduates will emerge as prime candidates for roles in high-demand fields such as AI research, data science, and AI engineering.

What support does this program offer to its learners?

The MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program offers a multitude of benefits to its learners, including:

Great Learning:

  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) Review: Provides learners with sample SOP formats to guide them in crafting compelling statements.

  • Application Assistance: Counselors assist learners through video calls to ensure accurate application completion.

  • I-20 and Visa Process: Assists in securing Financial Guarantee documents, applying for I-20, scheduling Visa appointments, and preparing for Visa interviews while learning from the Masters in AI and ML in India.

  • Pre-Course Work: Offers preparatory materials to brush up on Python, Statistics, and related concepts, ensuring learners are well-prepared before the program starts.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: Program managers monitor learners' progress via the online Learning Management System and provide guidance throughout the course.


Walsh College:

  • Campus Life & Community: The main campus in Troy spans 30 acres, featuring a 137,000-square-foot facility with modern amenities, including 22 classrooms, a library, five computer labs, and conferencing space.

  • Student Life: Offers many opportunities, including workshops, company tours, social events, and on-campus events like the Student Involvement Fair, Student Life Night, and International Day.

  • Guest Speaker Events: Monthly events where learners can learn about current business topics from industry experts.

  • Student Organizations: Opportunities to develop leadership skills and network with peers.

  • Career Services: Organizes two career fairs annually for machine learning courses with placement, exclusive to current learners and alumni, providing opportunities to connect with potential employers. They offer assistance with resume preparation, job search techniques, practice interviews, and general career advice.

What job opportunities does this online Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course offer?

Upon completing this program, learners can pursue various roles in established and emerging sectors. 

  • Machine Learning Engineer: Graduates can work as machine learning engineers to design and develop machine learning systems and algorithms to solve complex business problems. 

  • Data Scientist: Learners are equipped with the skills needed to become data scientists to analyze large datasets, extract insights, and drive data-driven decision-making.

  • Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Learners can take on the role of AI engineers specializing in building intelligent systems and applications using cutting-edge AI technologies.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer: Graduates can work on projects involving language and text analysis, and processing.

  • Computer Vision Engineer: Professionals focus on developing systems that can interpret and understand visual information, making them valuable in fields like robotics, healthcare, and autonomous vehicles.

  • AI Research Scientist: Graduates can opt for careers in AI research, contributing to advancing AI technologies and applications.

  • Data Analyst: With proficiency in data analytics, graduates can work as data analysts to interpret data and generate insights to drive business decisions.

  • AI Consultant: Consulting firms and organizations constantly seek AI experts to provide guidance and solutions for integrating AI into their operations.

  • AI Product Manager: Graduates can take on product management roles, overseeing the development and launch of AI-based products or services.

  • AI Ethicist: As AI ethics becomes increasingly significant, professionals who can ensure responsible and ethical AI implementation are in demand.

  • Startup Entrepreneur: Graduates with an entrepreneurial spirit can establish their AI and ML startups to innovate and address specific industry needs.

  • Academic/Research Positions: For those learners inclined toward academia, opportunities are open in teaching and research in universities and research institutions.


These job opportunities illustrate the versatility and high demand for AIML professionals across various sectors, making this online master's course a promising pathway to a rewarding and impactful career in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

What are the requirements to learn from this MS in AIML program?

To enroll in the MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program, applicants must possess a 3 or 4-year bachelor's degree or equivalent from a UGC-recognized university or institution. The degree should reflect a minimum of 60% marks. Applicants must have completed their education with English as the medium of instruction. The program does not mandate the submission of GRE/GMAT scores or any English proficiency test scores, simplifying the application process and making it more accessible for prospective learners.

What is the role of Walsh College in delivering this Master of Science in Machine Learning and AI program?

Walsh College adds several advantages for learning from this program, including:

  • Hybrid Learning Model: Walsh College offers a hybrid learning model, with the first year of the program being offered online. This provides flexibility and accessibility to learners worldwide, allowing them to engage in rigorous academic teachings online. The second year is completed at the Walsh College campus in the USA, providing learners with a transformative on-campus experience from Walsh College faculty.

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Walsh College's main campus, located in Troy, boasts modern facilities spread over 30 acres. It includes classrooms, a library, computer labs, and conferencing spaces, creating a professional and conducive learning environment for learners.

  • Career Services: Walsh College's Career Services Department organizes career fairs and offers support in resume preparation, job search techniques, practice interviews, and general career advice. This ensures that learners are well-prepared for the job market and have access to opportunities for internships and full-time positions.

Accreditation: Walsh College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission, a recognized regional accreditation agency in the United States. This accreditation underscores the institution's commitment to high-quality education, ensuring that learners complete Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course with certificates from Walsh College and Great Lakes.

How does this program stay updated with the rapidly evolving field of AIML?

Great Learning implements wise strategies, in collaboration with Walsh College, to ensure the MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program remains current and prepares learners to tackle the dynamic and evolving landscape of AIML effectively.

  • Curriculum Design and Regular Updates: The program's curriculum is meticulously designed and regularly updated to incorporate the latest trends, technologies, and research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Faculty and industry experts continuously review and modify course content to ensure relevance to industry demands.

  • Industry Collaboration: Great Learning and Walsh College collaborate with industry leaders and organizations to gain insights into real-world AIML applications. These partnerships help understand the industry's current requirements, ensuring the program aligns with industry trends.

  • Experienced Faculty: The program is facilitated by a team of experienced faculty members well-versed in the latest advancements in AIML. They bring real-world industry experience and cutting-edge research to the classroom, allowing learners to learn the most up-to-date practices.

  • Research and Innovation: Learners are encouraged to engage in research projects and innovation to understand the latest developments in AIML and contribute to the field's growth.

Should learners have a Computer Science background to apply for this Masters in AIML program?


No. It is optional to have a Computer Science background to learn from this course because the MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning syllabus includes foundational topics at the beginning of the course. 


Can working professionals learn from this MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

The Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the US has a wide range of professionals, including young career starters seeking international AI and ML opportunities, mid and senior-level professionals aiming to stay current in the technology, and those desiring a transition into the high-growth AI and ML sector with industry-ready expertise. It accommodates professionals at different career stages, making it accessible and valuable.

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About Walsh Masters in Artificial Intelligence Course in the USA

The MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program, a distinguished collaboration between Walsh College and Great Lakes, delivers an exhaustive curriculum encompassing the advanced applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This provides an all-encompassing view of the most recent technological advancements in the field through the prestigious Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course in the US, adopting a 2-year hybrid educational approach that seamlessly integrates online and classroom instruction. Prioritizing real-world application, learners immerse themselves in practical projects, avail themselves of invaluable mentorship opportunities, and embark on a profoundly enriching academic experience.


In its first year, the Masters in AI and Machine Learning program is delivered entirely online. Upon successful completion, professionals are invited to further their 12-month academic pursuit of the MS in Artificial Intelligence in the US, in the esteemed Walsh College campus. This program promises participants a profound exploration into the nuances of intelligent systems and data-centric decision-making. Merging rigorous academic instruction with tangible real-world applications, the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning syllabus ensures that its graduates are well-versed in the theoretical foundations of AI and ML and adept at navigating its practical challenges in the business sector.


Program Highlights

  • Learning Format: The program is meticulously structured, with the initial year online via Great Lakes and the concluding year on-campus for the completion of the MS in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in the USA at Walsh College.

  • Academia: Acquire knowledge from esteemed AI and Machine Learning faculty and prominent industry practitioners.

  • Projects: Engage with 2 capstone and 12 hands-on projects and solve over 30 insightful case studies.

  • Mentorship: Gain practical insights into the current trends in the industry from distinguished industry experts.

  • Application Advantage: Experience a streamlined application process with no GRE/GMAT or TOEFL requirements.

  • Certificate Advantage: Attain esteemed MS Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course certificate and alumni status from both Walsh College and Great Lakes.

Who is this Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Masters in USA for?

  • Beneficial for emerging professionals aspiring to international opportunities and initiating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning job opportunities.

  • This is exceptionally advantageous for professionals at mid and senior levels seeking international exposure and aiming to acquire the contemporary technical skills essential for succeeding in business. 

  • Highly conducive to individuals transitioning to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning job opportunities, equipped with industry-relevant skills and knowledge.


Masters in AI and ML Curriculum

Eminent experts and proficient industry practitioners from Walsh College and Great Lakes meticulously design the Master of Science in Machine Learning and AI curriculum. It is specifically curated to encompass technical skills in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, initiating with foundational concepts and advancing to compound, practical applications. This ensures a comprehensive understanding and mastery of theoretical knowledge and its real-world implementations, preparing learners to excel in AI and ML fields.


The Capstone Project is an integrative component, enabling learners to synthesize and apply their acquired knowledge in a professional framework, developed and presented with the guidance of a Project Advisor. The practicum AI and ML hybrid course facilitates an enhanced understanding of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through practical business experiences, enriching learners' real-world application skills.


Great Learning Advantage

  • SOP Review: Within the SOP review process, Great Lakes offers learners model SOP formats to assist in creating compelling statements, aiding their endeavours to secure university admission.

  • Application Assistance: Counselors schedule 1:1 meetings with learners and assist them in filling out the application accurately.

  • I-20 and VISA Process: The team facilitates learners to acquire Financial Guarantee documents and the I-20 from the university and assists in coordinating Visa appointments and interview preparations.

  • Pre-Course Work: Great Learning has devised preparatory work to facilitate learners in solidifying foundational Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence concepts online, ensuring adept management of program requisites from the outset.

  • Enhanced Learning Experience: The program managers keep track of the learners' progress through the online Learning Management System and guide them throughout the process.


About Walsh College 

Walsh is a business school with a hub for innovation, growth, and thought leadership. Since its inception in 1922, Walsh has seamlessly integrated theoretical knowledge with practical application, ensuring its learners are primed for successful careers. Each of its globally and nationally recognized bachelor's and master's degree programs in business and technology offers learners the unparalleled opportunity to gain insights from proficient business professionals who have been leaders in the industry. So, learners can be assured of achieving the best learning experience from the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course with a certificate.


Walsh has been duly authorized by the State of Michigan's Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity to function as a private, not-for-profit institution. This esteemed recognition empowers Walsh to grant bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees and to offer certificate programs. The college proudly holds accreditation from The Higher Learning Commission, a distinguished regional accreditation entity endorsed by the US Department of Education. This independent body stands as one of the six paramount regional institutional accreditors in the United States, with the esteemed responsibility of accrediting degree-granting post-secondary institutions within the North Central region.