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Why Choose this Programme?

Learn from renowned NUS Business School Faculty
  • On-demand content curated by world-renowned faculty at NUS Business School.
  • Curriculum designed through the lens of Business Managers and Leaders.
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Suitable for Working Professionals
  • Online Masterclasses from industry experts.
  • Personalized feedback to hands-on assignments.
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Practical, Hands-on learning
  • Carefully designed assignments and projects that give you first-hand experience of applications and impact of the skills learned.
  • The hands-on curriculum covers the entire spectrum of skills and toolkits needed to become effective leaders.
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Working Professional
Learn from NUS Faculty and Industry Experts
Career Support
Hands-on Projects and Online Masterclasses
Salary Hike
Certificate of Completion from NUS Business School
Industry Project
Carefully designed curriculum through the lens of Business Managers and Leaders
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The Thriving Need for Leadership Skills - Why You Need to Pursue the Future Leaders Course offered by NUS Business School in collaboration with Great Learning

We have passed the era where people follow traditional methodologies to manage their employees. We see a lot of changes happening everywhere around us. Companies are employing several latest technologies and tools to promote their businesses. The leaders of modern businesses need a proper understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the employees to transform their businesses. Leadership is a challenging skill with high demand. With the advancements in technology and the world around, there is a digital skills gap that exists. To meet this, organizations are in search of efficient managers and leaders to leverage for their businesses. Considering this, taking up the Future Leaders programme offered by Great Learning in collaboration with the prestigious National University of Singapore will enable you to stay ahead of the competition.

About the Course:

The programme content is designed by highly skilled faculty and experts from the NUS Business School. The hands-on curriculum of the NUS Business School Future Leaders programme covers the complete spectrum of skills and numerous toolkits required to become efficient leaders. Learners gain expertise by understanding the fundamentals and hands-on experience of the skills being taught. The curriculum of this programme incorporates several in-depth concepts such as Leadership Fundamentals, Self-Awareness, Motivating Your Team, Managing Performance, Effective Decision Making, Data-Driven Decision Making and more.

During each week of the course, candidates will master a set of the most in-demand tools, checklists and frameworks. Candidates can also refer to these in the future to improve their efficiency. The Leadership Playbook will enable the learners to apply the concepts they have learnt during the sessions.

This programme concentrates on increasing the emotional intelligence of the learners, recognizing their biases, examining the initial signs of rising conflicts, understanding people’s motivations and more.

Why should you choose the Future Leaders programme offered by Great Learning?

Even though there are many institutions offering several courses in Leadership and Management, what makes the course offered by Great Learning the best Leadership course?

Great Learning is one of the top global ed-tech companies. Great Learning has secured its standards and is also recognised as one of the best institutes to master several industry-relevant technologies and skills. It has taught around 1 Million+ Learners across the globe. Great Learning is also associated with 2500+ Industry Expert Mentors with its presence in 160+ Countries. It also has 500+ Hiring Partners and has been recognised as the Best Ed-Tech Company of the Year.

Taking up the Future Leaders Programme offered by NUS Business School in collaboration with Great Learning would surely help you to undertake the career transition you are aiming for or enhance your business through effective business decisions. 

Let us look into the various benefits you can gain upon taking up the Future Leaders Programme offered by NUS Business School in collaboration with Great Learning :


Great Learning has been associated with several prestigious universities and institutions across the globe. Hence, you would learn from a team of faculty that is highly accomplished. The faculty of NUS Business School is well-renowned and experienced. Upon taking up Great Learning's Future Leaders Course, you will be taught by leading academicians and also industry experts who work for top-notch organisations.


The prestigious Future Leaders Programme offered by the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School in collaboration with Great Learning is a 3-month programme that demands 4-5 hours of learning commitment per week. Great Learning’s Future leader's online Programme offers you immense flexibility to master the skills of leadership without giving up on your existing job role. The classes are outlined to cause minimal disruptions to your professional as well as personal life.

Master Classes by Industry Experts

This course incorporates several masterclasses by industry experts. Participants gain an understanding of concepts from the industry perspective. Participating in the masterclasses by industry experts also helps them gain several useful insights that help them understand the concepts taught in a better fashion. 

Obtain a Certificate from The National University of Singapore 

Upon the successful completion of the Future Leaders course, you will receive a certificate from The National University of Singapore which holds the rank of Asia's #1 and the World's #11th, as listed by QS World University Rankings 2022

Hands-on Learning

This programme also incorporates various designed assignments and projects that give you the best experience of the impact of the several concepts taught throughout the sessions.

Peer-to-Peer Learning

This programme also encourages peer-to-peer learning which enables you to learn from an accomplished and diverse group of professionals. Besides, it would also help the candidates build a professional network with their peers that aids them in the future.

Apart from the above mentioned, there are a lot more benefits that Great learning offers to the candidates that take up the Leadership Course.

This programme stands as the best fit for first-time managers, who have progressed from individual contributors to team manager roles, mid-level managers on the path to becoming senior managers, functional leaders developing into general managers, entrepreneurs and consultants who want to lead people in their organisations.

If you are an enthusiastic professional or entrepreneur seeking to acquire leadership skills, this is the right platform for you to enhance your abilities and become an efficient leader. This course is open to professionals working in roles like managers, entrepreneurs, consultants, business leaders, and more. Register today and master the skills of Leadership with Great Learning.