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Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp

Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp

With PL-300 - Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training Program

Application closes 14th Mar 2024

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Why Choose this Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp?

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    12-Week Online Program

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    4 Hands-on Projects

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    Dedicated Program Manager

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    Certificate of Completion from Great Learning and Microsoft

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    PL-300 - Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training Program

Skills you will learn

  • Building Functional and Interactive Dashboards
  • Data Modeling and Transformation
  • Visual Storytelling with Data
  • Building KPIs for Business Functions

About this Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp

The Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp is designed to empower tech professionals with critical business intelligence skills needed to break into and grow in the analytics world. The program helps you master foundational skills in Power BI and Data Analytics with a well-rounded curriculum, weekly personalized mentorship sessions, hands-on projects, and case studies. It also equips you with the skills needed to crack the PL-300 - Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification that sets you apart from other tech professionals in the talent pool. At the end of this program, you will have developed skills that demonstrate your industry readiness to employers and earned a certificate of completion from Microsoft and Great Learning.

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Why enroll in Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp?

The Data Analytics and Power BI Bootcamp is designed for tech professionals to master essential business intelligence skills. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum, hands-on projects, and mentorship sessions. Participants prepare for the PL-300 Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification, gaining a competitive edge and practical skills for career advancement in a condensed timeframe.

  • Tailored for Tech Professionals:The program is designed specifically for tech enthusiasts, ensuring relevance to your career goals and industry demands.
  • Career Advancement:Mastering Power BI and Data Analytics opens doors to new career opportunities. Stay ahead in the dynamic tech landscape and position yourself for career growth.
  • Certification Edge:Earn a competitive advantage with the PL-300 certification, validating your proficiency in Microsoft Power BI and enhancing your credibility in the job market.
  • Practical Learning Approach:Engage in hands-on projects and real-world applications, translating theoretical knowledge into practical skills that set you apart in the workforce.

What are the key learning outcomes of this Bootcamp?

Acquire techniques for data modeling, transformation, and cleansing to ensure data accuracy. Create visually stunning and user-friendly data reports and dashboards.

  • Fundamental principles underlying Power BI, Python & SQL Navigate the Power BI interface, connect with data, and prepare interactive dashboards
  • Unlocking Business Insights: Explore the potential of strategic storytelling combined with data analysis to illuminate intricate business challenges.
  • Data modeling, transformation, & data cleansing techniques Create visually stunning and interactive data reports and dashboards to convey insights effectively through compelling and user-friendly data visualisations.
  • How to excel in the Microsoft PL-300 Exam through effective preparation: Boost your Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 certification exam success with efficient preparation techniques

How are these outcomes achieved?

Embark on a transformative learning experience with our program designed for practical skill development.

  • Interactive Mentorship Sessions: Engage in 12 weekly online mentorship sessions featuring real-world industry case studies. Gain insights and guidance from experienced professionals to enhance your understanding.
  • Hands-On Coding Labs: Immerse yourself in learning through 12 weekly lab sessions focused on hands-on coding. Apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, honing your coding skills.
  • Real-World Projects: Apply your learning to real-world scenarios with 4 hands-on projects. Gain practical experience, reinforcing your skills and building a robust foundation for future endeavors.
  • Dedicated Support and Management: Benefit from a dedicated Program Manager who ensures smooth progression and addresses any queries. Academic support is also available through the GL Community, Project Discussion Forums, and Peer Groups.
  • Evaluation and Certification: Receive valuable evaluation and feedback on all projects, ensuring continuous improvement. Upon completion, earn a Certificate of Completion jointly issued by Great Learning and Microsoft, validating your proficiency in the program.
  • Build and Shareable E-Portfolio: Build a shareable e-portfolio that highlights your skills and accomplishments, creating a tangible representation of your journey and expertise.

Ace Power BI Certification with an Add-on Course

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Ace PL-300 certification

Prepare for PL-300 Certification Exam with:

  • Live Virtual Classes with Microsoft Certified Instructors

  • Hands-on Learning and Academic Support

  • Exam Preparation Guide

  • Hands-on Projects

Comprehensive Curriculum

Unit 1


In the first week, students will delve into the Analytics Lifecycle, covering data sources, pipelines, insight generation, and hands-on activities like Excel analytics and charts.

Week 1: Analytics Lifecycle - An End-to-End Case Study

In the first week of the program, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the Analytics Lifecycle, including the exploration of diverse data sources and databases. They will learn to navigate a typical data pipeline, generate valuable insights, and make recommendations based on end-to-end business case study demonstrations.


Week 2: Generating Insights using Excel

Practical skills will be honed through sessions, delving into Excel, working with Pivot Tables, sorting and filtering data, utilizing the Analyze Tab, exploring charts, and mastering descriptive statistics.

Unit 2


Moving on to the next two weeks, students will explore the essentials of databases and SQL fundamentals. They will also master the art of data manipulation and analysis through various topics.

Week 3: Introduction to Databases and the Fundamentals of SQL

In this week, students will delve into the foundations of databases and gain a solid understanding of the SQL language. The week covers introductory concepts of relational databases, basic SQL syntax, and statements including SELECT, FROM, and WHERE. Students will learn the art of retrieving data using SELECT, explore SQL operators, and discover the power of in-built functions for numerical, string, and date-time manipulations. They will also learn essential skills such as filtering data using the WHERE clause, pattern matching with LIKE and wildcards, sorting query results, aliasing, and executing pagination queries.


Week 4: Data Manipulation and Analysis

This week, students will advance their skills in data manipulation and analysis. Beginning with the foundational concepts of aggregating and grouping data, the week extends to techniques such as aggregation-based filtering using HAVING, understanding SQL constraints, mapping, and joining tables. Students will explore the power of UNION and UNION ALL operations for combining datasets, delve into window functions for ranking, partitioning, and aggregating data, and master the intricacies of subqueries and nested subqueries. The week also covers the practical application of Common Table Expression (CTE) for query simplification and imparts an understanding of the crucial order of execution.

Unit 3


Heading on to the next few weeks, students will set up Google Colab and delve into fundamental concepts like variables, data types, and data structures. Weeks 5 and 6 focus on practical data transformation using Numpy and Pandas.

Week 5:Introduction to Python Programming

Students will start this week by configuring Google Colab and then delving into the fundamentals of Python. Covering variables, data types, and data structures, this week lays a solid foundation for understanding and applying essential concepts in Python programming.


Week 6:Data Transformation Using Numpy and Pandas

This week, students dive into Numpy arrays and functions, mastering techniques such as indexing and accessing data. The week progresses to Pandas, covering series, dataframes, and essential operations like saving, loading, merging dataframes, and utilizing Pandas functions for comprehensive data manipulation and transformation.

Week 7: Exploratory Data Analysis

This week, students gain expertise in data exploration through sanity checks, univariate, and bivariate analysis. The week also covers critical tasks such as missing value treatment and outlier detection, providing a holistic approach to uncovering insights and ensuring data integrity in the analysis process.


Unit 4


In the Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training Program, students cover data manipulation, visualization, DAX language, and report production. It also includes hands-on experience with Power BI features. Students learn best practices for creating effective visualizations, deploying reports, and managing security and administration within Power BI.

Week 9: Working with Data in Power BI

This week, students gain proficiency in Power BI essentials. Covering the interface, data visualization, and report creation, the week includes connecting to diverse data sources, basic data modeling, data preparation, cleaning, transformation using Power Query, establishing relationships between data tables, and exploring advanced modeling techniques for a comprehensive understanding of Power BI capabilities.


Week 10: Creating Effective Visualizations

This week covers best practices for compelling visuals, customizing with formatting options, dashboard creation, and utilizing Power BI Developer Tools for custom visuals. The week also explores incorporating R and Python for advanced analytics and building interactive, drill-down visualizations to enhance the overall data storytelling experience.

Week 11: DAX Basics and Advanced DAX

Students get introduced to the Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) language. The week covers creating calculated columns and measures using DAX functions, understanding context in DAX calculations, leveraging advanced DAX functions for time intelligence, ranking, and more. Students explore working with tables and filters in DAX expressions and optimizing DAX performance.

Week 12: Productionizing Power BI Reports

This week, students learn the practical aspects of deploying and sharing Power BI reports. This includes deploying reports and dashboards to the Power BI Service, sharing with users and groups, and utilizing collaboration features. Students will learn how to implement best practices for optimized data models, understand query folding, and optimize queries for performance. The week also covers the use of DirectQuery and Live Connection for handling large datasets efficiently.


Week 13: Power BI Administration and Security

In the 'Power BI Administration and Security' module, participants gain expertise in managing Power BI workspaces, reports, and data sources. The curriculum covers configuring security settings, permissions, and delves into utilizing the Power BI API for automation and integration, empowering participants with skills for effective administration and robust security practices in Power BI.

Earn a Certificate from Great Learning

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For any feedback & queries regarding the program, please reach out to us at

Become a data analyst

Master industry-relevant tools

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    Power BI

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Learn from Top Faculty & Mentors

  • faculty-image

    Ryley Bauer

    Chief Automation Officer -
    Bauer Automate

  • faculty-image

    Hossein Kalbasi

    Senior Data Scientist,Mercator AI

  • faculty-image

    Saman Rahbar

    Senior AI Scientist -
    Global Relay

  • faculty-image

    Saurabh Kango

    Linkedin insights -
    Program Manager

  • faculty-image

    Jitendra Gopaluni

    Data Solutions Architect,Veterans United Home Loans

Advanced Career Support

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    Gain Insights into Recruiter Expectations.

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    Showcase Your Strengths Impressively

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    Create a Professional Portfolio Demonstrating Skills and Expertise

Program Fee

Program Fees: 1,800 USD

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Benefits of learning with us

  • 12-Week Online Program
  • PL-300 - Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training Program
  • 14-16 Hours of Weekly Commitment
  • 12 Weekly Lab Sessions for Coding
  • 4 Hands-On Projects
  • Dedicated Program Manager

Application process

Our admissions close once the requisite number of participants enroll for the upcoming batch . Apply early to secure your seats.

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    1. Fill application form

    Apply by filling a simple online application form.

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    2. Interview Process

    Go through a screening call with the Admission Director’s office.

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    3. Join program

    Selected candidates will receive an offer letter. Secure your seat by paying the admission fee.

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With PL-300 - Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Certification Training Program

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