Generative AI for Business with Microsoft Azure OpenAI

Gain expertise in generative AI principles, leveraging its problem-solving capabilities, effective use of Microsoft Azure OpenAI, harnessing Prompt Engineering for business use-cases, and fine-tuning Large Language Models to achieve desired outputs.

Registration Deadline: 14th Mar 2024

Enquire: +1 425 357 7290

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    14-week online learning program

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    Microsoft Azure AI Fundamentals training

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    Prompt Engineering without and with code

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    Text Classification, Text Summarization, and Text Generation using Gen AI

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    Azure Lab access with OpenAI Studio

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    8+ hands-on case studies, 2 hands-on projects

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    Certificate of Completion by Great Learning and Microsoft

1,700 USD

About the program

This 14-week Generative AI for Business program in collaboration with Microsoft Azure OpenAI, is designed to immerse you in the transformative realm of AI innovation. This hands-on learning journey equips you with a robust understanding of generative AI principles and practical experience in leveraging Microsoft Azure for AI applications. Explore both code and no-code approaches on the Azure Cloud Platform, OpenAI studio, and Python SDKs. Embrace a 'learning by doing' philosophy with real-world case studies, enabling a seamless transition into lucrative careers in Data and AI.

What makes this program unique

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    What you’ll learn

    Generative AI principles, Prompt Engineering, LLM tuning, APIs for scalability, enterprise solutions

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    Learn from mentors

    Accelerate your upskilling journey by learning from experienced mentors

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    Work on projects and case studies

    Immerse yourself in real-world scenarios and enhance your practical skills

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    Microsoft Azure Lab access

    Gain practical expertise in Microsoft Azure Lab access with OpenAI Studio

Skills you will gain

  • Prompt Engineering
  • Using OpenAI APIs
  • Using Python SDK for Prompt Engineering
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Services for AI

Tools you will learn in this program

  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • Azure OpenAI Studio
  • Azure OpenAI Playground
  • Python
  • Azure OpenAI Completion API
  • Azure OpenAI Chat API
  • GPT-3.5-Turbo

What you will learn in this program


Solid understanding of Gen AI

History, now, and future and how to use it to solve problems & build services


How to use the Microsoft Azure OpenAI platform

Leverage Generative AI for Business Applications


How to use APIs & Python SDKs

Create code snippets for LLM API calls, enabling efficient engineering at scale


NL Classification, Summarization & Generation

Working knowledge of using Gen AI for business applications.

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1,700 USD