Why Apple’s ‘Apple Education’ Bundle Is A Bunch Of Big Lies

When you’re dealing with Apple, lying is never an option.

As we saw last year with the “Apple Education” bundle, Apple doesn’t care if you think the company is a fraud or a scam.

That’s because the company’s products are not made with fraud in mind, and it will continue to push the lie about its educational services.

But, if you’re looking for a real education product, Apple has just announced a “Apple education” bundle that is a bunch of big lies.

The company’s new bundle includes: Apple TV and Apple Watch, Apple CarPlay, and the Apple Pencil (which you’ll also find in the Apple Watch’s “Apple Pencil Edition”).

These are the big lies that Apple is pushing with its new bundle.


Apple TV Apple TV is not the most useful TV ever made.

While the $79 Apple TV Stick can stream movies and television shows, you can’t watch videos on it.

You can only watch content you have purchased through Apple’s online store.


Apple Watch Watch is not a smartwatch.

There is no such thing as an Apple Watch.

There are no apps, watch faces, or other accessories that let you track your health and fitness.

Apple claims the Apple watch will improve your health.

But it won’t, and won’t be compatible with the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.


Apple Car Play You can’t use Apple CarPods to take your Apple Watch anywhere, even to Starbucks.

The CarPod uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the Apple Car, and to Bluetooth speakers, so you can hear the music while you drive.

But the car can’t play music from the CarPod itself.


Apple Pen Cuts out the middleman.

The Apple Pencubic app can be used to draw, annotate, and print your documents.

But you’ll need a copy of Adobe Illustrator or InDesign to use it. 5.

Apple Earphones There are a lot of earphones in Apple’s lineup, and they’re good, but the Earphones have no built-in speaker.

Instead, you’ll have to plug in an adapter to listen to Apple Music.


Apple HomeKit The Apple Home app lets you connect your iPhone or iPad to the home’s Wi-Fi network, but it won,t let you connect to Apple Home.

There’s no option to remotely control your Apple Home through your Mac.


Apple Camera There are many options for iPhone and iPad owners to choose from when it comes to shooting with their Apple devices.

But in Apple Home, you have to buy an “iPhone or iPad Camera” app for $99, or a $49 Apple Camera App Bundle.


Apple HealthKit Apple Health lets you set reminders, track your steps, and do other things with your Apple Health data.

But when it gets to your iPhone, you’re going to have to purchase an Apple Health app.


Apple Maps There’s a lot to love about Apple Maps, but you have no control over where you’re taking your iPhone.

You don’t even have to be in the U.S. to take Apple Maps.

The app lets people in other countries find and use your location, but there are no options for the U, U.K., or any other country.


Apple Pay The iPhone Pay app works, but Apple is forcing you to buy a $99 Apple Pay service to use the app.

And you can only use the service to make payments for Apple Pay items that you own or have purchased.


Apple Calendar There are several Apple Calendar apps, including Apple Watch and Apple Calendar, but none are compatible with iPhones.

There also aren’t any Apple Watch apps that let people watch videos and photos on the iPhone.


Apple AirPods Apple AirPod is a speaker that works in both your iPhone and Apple TV.

But if you use an iPhone to plug it in to an Apple TV, it will not work.


Apple Watches Apple Watchettes have been around for quite some time, and some of the accessories include some of Apple’s more expensive models.

But Apple Watch is actually a cheap, plastic watch that looks a lot like an iPhone, and is supposed to be compatible only with Apple TVs.


Apple Music The Apple Music app is a great app for listening to music on your iPhone’s built-up storage.

But its interface is confusing and sometimes hard to use.

Apple says the Apple Music service is compatible with all iOS devices.

However, you won’t have any access to any of Apple Music’s content or features unless you have an Apple Music subscription.


Apple Weather There’s an Apple Weather app that works, and if you don’t want to use Weather, you will be better off using the Google Now app instead.


Apple Podcasts Apple’s podcasts app has been around since 2013, but some of its apps