Trump’s Education Secretary: The Best Thing About Being a Billionaire is the Education Job

The education secretary is a billionaire.

Trump named Carl Tucker Carlson to be the next secretary of education, in the first of three cabinet appointments made during the president’s first 100 days.

Carlson is an attorney and a former host of the show The Carlson Report.

The move comes as the administration has struggled to find qualified workers for key positions in schools, including the Education Department, which is facing budget pressures and a looming enrollment shortfall.

Trump’s choice, a lawyer who previously worked for the state of Texas, has previously worked as a consultant and a fundraiser for the Texas Rangers.

The president-elect also announced the hiring of a former Republican state senator from California, Betsy DeVos, as education secretary, and the hiring by his transition team of an executive for the National Association of School Administrators.

DeVos is also an avid supporter of vouchers, a controversial policy that would let public schools send students into private schools.

Education secretary picks are typically made without public hearings or vetting of candidates.

The White House said Carlson is qualified and will work with school districts and teachers unions to “work to strengthen the system” for educating students.

In a tweet, Carlson said he will be a “friend and supporter” to education.

The new Education secretary will have an opportunity to serve for up to eight years and will report to the president-Elect.

He will also serve as the chairman of the National Governors Association.

He is expected to oversee the hiring and firing of hundreds of thousands of teachers, principals, and other school employees.

Education Secretary, Betsy @BetsyDeVos, announced today she is the next education secretary. — Trump Education (@TrumpEducation) December 9, 2021 The first Cabinet pick under the new administration has been confirmed by the Senate Education Committee.

The second is the nominee for the second-highest education job in the U.S., the U