How Ted Bundy is changing the way America educates its kids

TED BUNY, the former U.S. senator from Iowa who was appointed U.N. special envoy for education and poverty prevention, is taking his message to schools around the country, from New York to the suburbs of Los Angeles, as part of a broader initiative to empower students to improve their own lives.

In an interview with The Associated Press on Tuesday, Bundy said he sees the world in terms of education, and the idea that schools should serve as the nexus for all students in a nation that needs to learn to work together.

“When you look at our nation today, the idea of the American child learning the same way everyone else learns, the same vocabulary, the ability to interact with others, the way that we’ve taught ourselves to do all that is a recipe for disaster,” Bundy told the AP.

“It’s the kind of nation that we need to leave our children and our children’s children to succeed.

And if we want to be a nation of opportunity, we need education to enable that.”

The idea that education should serve the purpose of building an inclusive, just, resilient society is central to Bundy’s vision, said Karen Johnson, who directs the education research program at the Urban Institute.

“We know that schools are central to our country’s prosperity,” she said.

“Bundy is talking about the importance of creating the kind the world needs.

We have a tremendous amount of opportunity to make our children better in a variety of ways, including by investing in their education.”

Bundys office did not immediately respond to an AP request for comment.

Bundies new initiative, The Global Initiative for Equity in Education, aims to educate parents and students around the world to “change the way we teach,” said Eric Wieder, who runs the education-focused organization.

Bucs initiative comes as the U.K. prepares to release a report highlighting the countrys educational achievement gap, and is the latest in a series of moves by the U,N.

to help the global community improve its education systems.

Bundy was elected to the U.,N.

in 2007 and has been on the job for eight years.

He was appointed by President Barack Obama in 2016, following his two terms as Iowa governor.

The U.

Ns new plan, which Bundys predecessor, Hillary Clinton, also endorsed, seeks to increase transparency and accountability in how schools are funded, with an emphasis on “accountability for the success of the students who attend these schools, the success for the communities where these schools exist and the success in terms, in terms that are not in conflict with the interests of those schools.”

Bundy is the first former U.,S.

president to lead the initiative, which he hopes will spark the conversation around how to improve the educational system.

The initiative is also the latest example of how the UnS is moving in a new direction in addressing inequality, Wieders said.

“I think it is a great step for the U.”

A similar initiative, the Global Impact Project, was launched by the United Nations in 2017.