Bill Clinton to unveil new school curriculum

Bill Clinton is set to unveil a new, revamped curriculum that includes a more inclusive approach to teaching, including focusing on African-American and Latino students and teachers, a source familiar with the proposal told ABC News.

The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation is set up to make the curriculum more inclusive, and the foundation is expected to unveil the curriculum as part of a visit to California on Wednesday, a Clinton aide told ABC.

The curriculum, which has not yet been publicly released, will be part of an educational consulting effort that will be led by the Clinton Foundation.

It is the first time that Clinton’s foundation has taken part in a program to improve education.

The foundation has previously focused on teaching students to read and write, but the curriculum includes a focus on diversity, said the aide.

The curriculum will also include a call to action for all schools, the aide said.

Bill Clinton will hold a series of events this week focused on increasing the number of African-Americans and Latinos in school leadership positions, according to a statement released by the foundation.

“Bill Clinton has been championing our country’s schools for more than 40 years and we are proud to have worked with him to ensure that every child, every child has access to the best education possible,” the statement said.

“As part of this effort, we are announcing that we will be releasing a new curriculum that is inclusive of all students and that will include a commitment to building stronger relationships between schools and communities.”

Clinton’s initiative comes as the Education Department and the Education Agency have begun drafting new policies to promote inclusion and promote diversity in the nation’s schools, following a federal report that found that more than 80 percent of schools were failing to meet federal standards.