A new school curriculum has been put forward by the UK’s first female Head of School

LONDON – A new curriculum has emerged for women’s schools which aims to teach them to cope with emotional and mental health challenges and to build resilience.

The Head of Education for England and Wales, Helen Goodman, said in a statement the new curriculum will “address the need for women to be empowered and confident in their leadership roles in society”.

“It’s also important that our schools are able to be a place where they are supported in developing their own strategies for coping with the demands of a demanding work and life,” she said.

The new curriculum is part of a series of initiatives that aims to make schools a “place where girls are respected and valued for who they are, and where their learning, work and experiences are valued and valued,” she added.

“There are also many women in leadership roles and in teaching that are able and willing to help their male colleagues to become more self-assured and successful in their careers, so that they can help the women who are also in leadership positions in the workplace.”

The Head’s Office is encouraging schools to develop a new gender-based curriculum for the first time, which will be put to schools for consultation. 

“The new curricula will enable us to better prepare our schools to cope in times of stress and challenge,” Goodman said.

“We want to be clear that we are not advocating for the exclusion of women from leadership roles.

But we recognise that many women are not at the forefront of the way in which women manage their emotions and are not always at the centre of the work environment.”

The new head of schools said she would be working with women and girls to create a curriculum for all schools.

“The best way to tackle this is for all the schools to become a place that girls and women can learn and grow together,” she wrote in a blog post.

“I am determined that we will achieve that together, and that our girls will continue to grow and develop as leaders of women in the workforce.”

The Department for Education said the new gender inclusive curriculum will include the theme “We Can Do This”.

“As a national school, we need to be looking at our own schools to ensure that our policies and policies and values are inclusive of all our pupils,” a spokesperson said. 

The head of education for the British Association of School and College Leaders, Dr Amy Black, said: “The curriculum is a great example of how to build strong, resilient leadership and resilience in schools and our young people, which is what we should be doing to tackle our own problems.”

She added: “It’s a shame that so many schools are still struggling with this issue, and the Government’s approach seems to be trying to ignore it.”

But we know that girls who are working at school have to deal with mental health issues, so we need strong support and the right guidance.