Which schools are the most underfunded?

The government’s education review says the public school system is struggling with a $1.4-billion shortfall.

“Public school attendance rates have been falling for years and are expected to continue to drop, even as the population continues to grow,” said the report released Monday.

“We know this is a national problem, but we are facing a serious one in our own province.”

The government said it has been working to improve the public schools system, including investing in new technology and technology-related initiatives, such as the “digital classrooms.”

It also says the government is working to streamline the process of choosing the schools that receive the most funding.

Education Minister Karen Casey said the government has made investments in some public schools that are being adjusted to make them more efficient.

“The government has also taken measures to make sure the money that’s being spent on new schools in the province of Ontario is being used wisely,” Casey said.

The report says Ontario’s public schools need to do a better job of keeping pace with a changing population.

In the last year, the province has added more than 10,000 new public school seats and enrolled more than 6.3 million students.

It also noted that a recent Ontario government report showed the public sector is underfunded by $4.6-billion.