What you need to know about the new Android education app, which lets you learn about the internet and social networks from a robot

The newest version of the Android education application has been rolled out to developers, and now Google is making sure everyone is ready.

According to Google, the latest version of Android education has been officially released.

If you have installed the latest beta version of Google’s Android app, you should see a new app icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Google says the new version of this app is “the first time in the Android ecosystem that students can learn how to create their own content using their Android device.”

The new version includes an interactive classroom that lets you create, edit, and share online content, and a new video tutorial that shows you how to design and build apps.

The new app is a bit more advanced than its predecessors, and it also includes a new way to view your videos, a new search bar, and the ability to add videos and photos to your timeline. 

While the app is the first version of a new version, Google is also updating the Google Play store with a new Google Play Video Search bar that lets users search for video content and search for videos that have been uploaded. 

Additionally, users can now set a maximum video length of 30 seconds, a maximum audio clip length of 50 seconds, and maximum duration of 1 minute. 

In the search bar of the app, users will find the ability for users to search by title, video title, or YouTube video title. 

The app also includes an option to set a limit on the number of videos you can see, which can be useful when you’re trying to find something that has recently been uploaded or is coming up soon. 

“We’ve built a number of new features to make it easy to start learning online from your Android device,” Google wrote on the Google+ page for the app.

“This update also includes support for the new YouTube Video Search feature.

When a YouTube video is added to a YouTube account, the app will automatically create a YouTube search bar for users searching for that video.”