What you need to know about the Malia Obama education credentials

The education of Malia Obamas daughters and other potential future first ladies is a major focus of a new documentary titled “We Are The Future.”

The film was produced by the National Geographic Society, which is funding the project through its Education Excellence Fund, which aims to make education more accessible to all Americans.

The film, which premiered at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival, is the first in a series of five videos about the Obamas education, which the sisters will be seen discussing in interviews with family members and educators, as well as speaking with experts from colleges and universities.

The film, directed by Emily Ziering, was produced with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Science Foundation.

Ziering and her team created a series titled “What We Do With Our Education,” which includes interviews with the sisters and their family members, who provide background on the Obams education, and the Education Department, which has long been critical of the Obamas’ education.

In one segment, the Obamacas are interviewed by the sisters, who explain their background and what it is like to receive an education, while discussing the importance of reading in American culture.

In the other segment, Zierling and her crew discuss what their daughters education is like, what it means to be a “student first,” and the importance to have the same interests as their siblings.

“We have an amazing legacy in the field of education, but we also have to be cognizant of what it’s like to have a child who is in the first grade, who is a first grader, who has a really challenging time in terms of social isolation,” said Zierings co-director of the documentary, Sarah McBride.

“If you have a first child, and you want them to have those experiences and be able to learn in those settings, you have to make sure that they’re also able to do that in a safe environment.”

While Zierring and her partners say that their film has been a learning experience for them, they also acknowledge that the Obama’s daughters education has been “a bit of a political minefield,” which was the topic of an upcoming documentary about the first lady, which was made by the nonprofit Center for American Progress.

In a statement, McBride said that the film will provide an important window into the lives of Michelle and Malia, who “are very proud to have their children in the world.

Their story is one that deserves to be told.”

The Obamas have also been criticized for not releasing their daughters’ transcripts.

However, the sisters have spoken out against what they call a lack of transparency in their daughters schools, as their school, Washington Elementary, in Chicago, is not releasing its transcripts for several years, even though the Obamanas were not in school when the documents were produced.

“It’s really difficult to know where the facts come from,” McBride told The Associated Press.

“The Obamases, their own kids, were not even in the schools when these documents were made.

And I think that’s really, really, sad.”

Zierings said that she hopes that “We The Future” will spark discussion about education and the Obamias education.

“I hope it will inspire us to really understand what our daughters’ education is really like,” she said.