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But that is to be expected as he has been juggling a slew of priorities and a series of cabinet appointments, as well as his administration’s push to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Here are a few things to know.1.

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Here’s what you need to know now.2.

The Trump administration is putting together its first big legislative push.

The White House announced Tuesday that Trump will sign an executive order that will establish a task force to overhaul the U,S.

education system and its colleges.

The order says the task force will develop an agenda to reform the federal education system, which it calls the “toxic school system.”3.

The administration is moving on from the Affordable Care Act and will be pushing for changes to the law in the weeks ahead.

The president announced Tuesday he will be moving to “renegotiate the Affordable Health Care Act, but only if we have a real chance to replace it,” and said he would “continue to negotiate” the ACA.

The new plan calls for making the ACA’s exchanges available to more people, and repealing a provision that would allow insurers to charge higher premiums to people with preexisting conditions.4.

The government will be issuing more than 5,000 new rules for colleges and universities this year, and it is looking to use them to make them more efficient.

The Office of Management and Budget said that the Trump administration expects colleges and schools to use rulemaking tools “to provide higher quality instruction and student learning.”5.

The number of people enrolled in public colleges and the number of students enrolled in private schools is growing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Tuesday that the number and average number of full-time students in public four-year colleges and university programs has been rising since the 1990s.

The agency said in its report that the increase has been driven by rising enrollment, the rise in the number with some type of degree, and the growing number of parents taking on college debt.6.

The Department of Education is preparing a report on the state of education in the U of A, and Trump is set to sign a directive later this week that will allow for more control over the administration’s colleges and institutions.

The plan also calls for reducing the number who have to go through college-level exams.7.

The Justice Department said Monday that it will sue California for failing to adequately investigate the death of a black student at the hands of police.

The department filed the lawsuit after the city of Los Angeles released dash-cam video of a July 2016 encounter in which a Los Angeles police officer fatally shot Eric Garner as he was being arrested.

The footage shows Garner holding up the officer and saying, “I can’t breathe” before he is put into a chokehold.

Garner is seen being put in a choke hold on July 17, 2016, while he is held up by the officer.

The incident sparked nationwide protests that resulted in thousands of arrests.8.

Trump announced that he is looking for a new secretary of education, with a number of potential candidates being vetted.

He has named Betsy DeVos as his choice, while Vice President Mike Pence is also a potential pick.

Trump has also said he will nominate someone from his inner circle, and on Monday, he announced he has selected Tom Price as his secretary of Health and Human Services.