How much of America’s education is safe for young kids?

There’s a new survey showing that, on average, kids in the most educated areas of the country are three times more likely to be exposed to dangerous content than kids in less-educated states.

The data comes from the U.S. Department of Education’s annual “Education, Safe for Children” survey.

The survey found that the number of states that are classified as “high” or “very high” in “quality of instruction” is actually just 2.5% of the total U..

S., according to the Washington Post.

But that means that only 13% of Americans are in those states.

That’s an incredible statistic.

That means that, even if you live in the states where kids are getting the most, you’re actually more likely than the kids in other states to be getting the very worst education in the country.

If you’re in a state with less than 40% of your children’s education covered by state standards, you are actually getting less than one-third of the education that your kids will get in your state.

So this is not about the quality of education, it’s about the safety of your kids.

And it really, really needs to be fixed.

That is a concern that I have for my children and my kids’ children.

They’re going to be much safer in the future if we get our schools in place and get them in school.

The U.N. chief is calling on the U,S.

to do more to protect children.

He also said that “in the United States, our children are being neglected and abused.”

Here are some key takeaways from the new data.


America’s kids are at risk in the worst ways.

The survey showed that the states that have the lowest average quality of instruction (under 40%) have the most children exposed to content that could be dangerous.

That could include things like rape, violence, and pornography.


The most dangerous content is being found in the very most affluent states.

States with the highest average quality scores are also the states with the lowest number of kids in those high-scoring states.


The more affluent you are, the more likely you are to be in a high-quality state.

In fact, the states on the highest-scoring list have the highest number of children exposed.


States with the worst schools and the highest rates of poverty are also at the bottom of the list of states with least children in high-performing schools.


The wealthiest states also have the worst performance in terms of child safety.

States that have a score of 1 or more have the third-highest rate of child maltreatment, and states with a score between 1 and 10 have the fourth-highest rates.


There are two schools for every kid.


States are making the most progress.

The United States is still way behind countries like France and Sweden in terms in quality of educational attainment, and it’s getting worse.

But states are making some huge strides.

For example, New York is the most high-achieving state in the U: It has the third highest average score, and is the only state that’s ranked ahead of New Jersey and Florida.

And the highest school score in the survey is 1.

In terms of children’s educational attainment in the United State, New Yorkers have the best chance of staying up in the game.


The top two states are the most safe.

The states with high average quality are also in the top two for reducing the number and types of child abuse and neglect.

And they also have a higher proportion of children enrolled in high quality schools.