Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘Superman’ video to be used in schools’ classroom

Cristiano’s Superman video will be used as part of schools’ curriculum in Italy.

The video, which has been downloaded over 5 million times, was originally created in 2007 for the BBC’s The Man in the High Castle.

The video was a parody of Superman’s appearance in the series.

The Superman movie, which also starred Johnny Depp and Bruce Willis, starred the actor as a former Superman who travels back in time to thwart a plot by a supervillain.

The clip was the subject of a petition to Italy’s Education Minister Stefano Bertolucci on Wednesday, with more than 40,000 signatures in support of the use of the video.

In an interview with BBC Sport, Bertoluci said he was confident the video would be used.

“I think the video is perfect for the educational level and also in the schools.

It is very well written and animated, it is fun and it is very educational,” he said.”

It is a good video to teach kids about history and also about technology.”

Bertolucci added that he had no problem with using the video in schools as it was the first time the video had been used.

However, he said that the video should not be seen as a criticism of the actor.

“The Superman video is a very good example of how people can express themselves.

The Superman character is a great role model for many young people in Italy and we should use this as a model for our own kids,” he added.