Which college can you afford to take?

It’s the college admissions exam, but the question isn’t whether you’ll get in or not.

It’s which college you’ll be attending.

The big question is, can you really afford to go to a school that’s ranked as one of the best in the country?

We asked the best college campuses to help us determine which are the best places to go in 2018.

We asked a panel of experts to rank each school based on its student body, academic performance, financial aid, and campus life.

Read more: The top 25 schools for 2018Top 25 schools to go for: University of Washington, Seattle University College London, England California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, Calif.

The University of Notre Dame, Dublin, Ireland Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Princeton University, Princeton, N.J. California State University-Long Beach, Long Beach, Calif.(Getty Images) University Park, Pennsylvania Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, N