How to make your child happy in the classroom

CNN Education – Jill Biden has a simple message for parents: Don’t make them miserable.

On Friday, the vice president said parents are the ones who are most likely to feel their child is unhappy in the world.

Biden said, “I’m very happy to hear that, because I know that’s the reason why parents, they love their children.

So I think we’ve got to be clear and direct and clear on this: Don�t make your kids miserable.”

Biden, who is the daughter of a former president and first lady, said she wants her daughter to be happy.

She wants her to be in a great place, she wants to have fun, she�s in a position of strength, she has a family and she is a strong person, she said.

She is proud of her accomplishments as a teacher, and said she thinks she is the best at teaching.

Bidens daughter Jill Biden said she loves her family, her school, her friends and her life, and she will not stop fighting for children who deserve a better future.

She said she will never stop working for the future of kids, especially the next generation.