How to find the best videos for college students

As a university student, you’ll need to do more than make videos on a tablet.

The more advanced the course, the more you’ll want to learn.

In this article, we’ll explore the best video courses on YouTube, looking at the topics you’ll be most likely to find on your own.

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Introduction to Physics 2.

Introductory Course 3.

Introduction Physics 3A Physics 3B Physics 4.

Advanced Physics 5.

Advanced Theory and Applications 6.

Introduction Theory 7.

Topics in Physics 8.

Introduction Math 9.

Physics in the Future 10.

Introduction in History and Politics 11.

The Future of Physics 12.

Physics Education in the 21st Century 13.

How to Study Physics in Colleges and Universities 14.

How Much Time Do You Spend?


What Do You Want to Study?


Where Do You Study?


Where Can I Study?


How Do I Study in Colleges?


How Can I Find a Course?


How Long Should I Study for a Physics Degree?


How To Become a Physics Teacher?