What to know about the new Australian Education Department initiative to support teachers, staff, students, families and communities

In December 2018, the Australian Education Minister announced a plan to increase funding for teachers, school staff, schools and communities through the School Teachers Equity Fund. 

This fund would provide additional support to teachers and staff in disadvantaged communities.

The program is designed to support schools, teachers, communities and parents with support to improve the quality of education, including through the implementation of a school teachers’ charter and support for students to attend schools with low or zero standards of student performance.

Schools would be given the ability to raise the required standards to improve their attendance, quality and accountability.

The initiative will help schools to support students in achieving a high standard of achievement through more effective teaching and learning and to encourage parents to participate in the school’s learning processes.

The new fund will support the following initiatives: The new school teachers charter: This will provide an enhanced framework for the establishment of a teacher-student partnership and the provision of mentoring and support to all schools and teachers across the nation. 

The program will:  Provide additional support for schools, teacher-staff and schools to establish and maintain a strong teacher-school relationship.

 Providing support to schools to ensure that students are provided with the support they need to succeed.

The National Teacher Training Scheme (NTTS): The NTTS will provide support to ensure teachers are trained to work with students from a range of backgrounds.

It will include: Providing additional support in a number of areas for schools and school staff to ensure the development of a successful learning environment. 

Establishing a Teacher and Student Partnership: The NTT will provide additional training and support in partnership with schools, schools staff and parents, to enable schools to better support students and their families and to facilitate a positive learning environment for students. 

A new Australian National Teaching Initiative: This new initiative will support all schools, school personnel and teachers to develop and implement a national teaching strategy to improve teaching and learn.

The National Teacher Alliance (NTA) will provide training to school staff on the new program, as well as supporting local community education groups to promote teacher education and support.

This program will include a national teacher charter, including the creation of a new national teacher-learning charter and training programs for teachers.

This national teacher program will be implemented by a combination of support for school staff and school communities through a partnership between the National Education and Training Authority (NETA), the National Board of Secondary Education and the National Teacher Network.

The NTTS is currently the only Australian national teacher training program. 

What does the NTA offer?

The NTT offers training and mentoring in a wide range of areas, including teaching and teaching management, teaching strategies, teaching and student outcomes, teaching, classroom development and learning outcomes, teacher development, and support services for teachers and school personnel. 

All of the NTT’s training and education programs will be developed and delivered by the NETA and funded through NET funding. 

Training and education for teachers will be provided by a range: Schools, schools employees and school community leaders, including school principals, principal and assistant principals, school directors, teachers’ representatives, school principals and school managers, principals and assistant principal, principals, teachers and teachers, and school principals. 

Education for children will be delivered through the NEAT and NET funded educational programs. 

Support services for children include support for teachers to support and develop the skills and abilities of students, including: Teaching students to become effective learners; Learning the language and cultural skills of students; Encouraging students to engage with their families, schools, and communities; Working with teachers to improve student achievement, including improving classroom learning outcomes; Improving the performance of students and teachers; Supporting teachers and schools in implementing school learning and leadership strategies.

What are the benefits of this national program?

The National School Teachers’ Charter, a partnership with school boards, will provide for: A stronger partnership between teachers and students, with the NET ensuring that schools have the tools they need and a strong partnership with all stakeholders, including schools, principals , school staff members, school communities and school residents. 

Students will also be able to achieve a high level of learning, including in: Communication and literacy skills; Social and emotional development; Self-esteem; Teacher development; and Student success. 

In a number.of areas, the NEFT will support teachers and parents to increase the quality and effectiveness of their school teaching. 

An independent review of the National Teaching Alliance (NTTA) is underway to ensure all the NEATS work is done with the highest possible standards of integrity and accountability, in accordance with the NTTS’s mandate to promote excellence in education.

What is the role of schools in the new national program and what will it look like in practice