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01 Apr 2023
Batch of January 2023 | United States
Excellent from first moment of Learning session to very last second, mentor was very enthusiastic about the concepts, very focused on the questions the learners asked, answered all questions and engaged the learners in the subject matter. Provided insights, tips, and recommendations for the data science field, which will help the learners begin to adapt to think like a data scientist. the mentor was very encouraging as well.
04 Mar 2023
Batch of July 2022 | Modeling Analyst at Nielsen | Mexico
The session was very good and helpful in improving my understanding of the topic and how to address computer vision classification. I found it somewhat difficult to improve the performance of the model on my own but this session will definitely help me in the future.
21 Mar 2023
Batch of January 2023 | United States
The instructor was engaged in the concepts, the audience, questions from the audience in the chat box as well as questions and concerns voiced, the instructor offered many explanations and clarifications, all of which help the learners learn. Overall an excellent learning session.
14 Mar 2023
Batch of November 2023 | United States
As always the mentor does a great job of explaining and answering everyone's questions. He has a great deal of patience and I get the sense that he enjoys helping others. I am very happy so far with this course. Thank you.
06 Mar 2023
Batch of July 2023 | Ceo / Lead Consultant at Sphynx Software Solutions, Llc | United States
Very solid discussion with clear real-world examples. Sometimes making the connection from learning these new concepts to how they could be applied in business is hard. This lecture made that connection really well!
04 Apr 2023
Batch of February 2023 | Architect at Perficient | United States
Clear articulation, patience in explaining concepts and covered advanced topics with examples outside of the recorded sessions from Prof. Dan. Thank you!
03 Apr 2023
Batch of September 2022 | United States
The mentor is very passionate about AI and brought that to the project debrief session. She was very attentive to details and tried to explain the concepts in as many details as possible within the given time. She was also generous enough to offer another session in the future to go over some concepts (eg. using gmeans in the ROC-AUC curve ) if the students needed it.Great session, with a lot of information.Thanks.
03 Apr 2023
Batch of August 2023 | United States
The program is well-organized, challenging, and engaging. The handholding in the first week is wonderful and has helped set me up for success and built my confidence around programming. Our session with Dr. Sarkar was fascinating and informative; his excitement and passion for the subject made the class engaging and dynamic, even with us all on mute. I'm excited about the next 6 months!
22 Mar 2023
Batch of March 2023 | Clinical Data Manager at Westat | United States
This was a wonderful experience - after the training I had basic understanding of several useful and powerful commands that I am certain we will use for more advanced scenarios - It energized me - I had doubts but they are now cleared up.
13 Mar 2023
Batch of April 2023 | Technology Lead at Infosys Technologies Ltd., | United States
It was a great session to introduce everyone to ChatGPT. Wish we had more time to cover all the topics.
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